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I'm new and hoping someone can help me out

Started by 101034659939623... on 09/08/2015 8:07pm

About 6 weeks ago, my son tackle hugged me from behind. He's 4 but pretty strong. I was on a slope, and have diastasis recti, so I was knocked off balance hard and fast. In my attempt not to fall on top of him I twisted my torso hard and fast, and still managed to somehow kick myself in my own calf.

I saw an Ortho that day. Said just a massive hematoma. I couldn't feel my right foot (that's the side that I kicked and injured). He gave me crutches and said to take aspirin for the pain. Told me not to wrap it or use ice, due to risk of a blood clot. Said I probably just pulled a muscle in my back. Sent me on my way.

After a week, with no positive change, I was miserable and iced my calf. Instant relief and decrease in swelling. However, my back pain had gotten worse, my whole right leg hurt, I couldn't move my foot still and it was ice cold. My neighbor is a nurse and said I should go to the er, something didn't sound right or good.

They did a doppler, no blood clot, thankfully. But that's all they did. Said continue original dr's instructions.

Another week goes by. The pain is way worse, up into my back, my calf is still bruised and new bruises continually show up on that leg. Above, below, wherever, in reference to the original injury. I call my primary Dr, he says go to another ortho asap foe a second opinion.

Off I go. They tell me to wrap my calf and ice it, gave me steroids and pain meds. Took xrays of my spine that showed some degeneration in my lumbar region. They scheduled me to see one of their sports injury specialists in 2 weeks, but said if it got worse before that, to come back. It got worse. The pain is constant and unbearable. I have two young kids and my husband works out of town. My leg and foot of longer hurt, they're just numb. My back pain is what's agonizing. I have a significant decrease in muscle and nerve reaction on that leg. I mention I'm peeing tiny bits constantly and no longer feel the urge to have a bm. Dr says, you have an appointment with sports injury specialist in a week, he'll fix you up.

Finally this past Friday (accident happened early July), I meet with the specialist. The notes he had from other dr's said nothing about my back, just my calf. Soon as he saw my attempting to walk, he wasn't concerned about my calf, but my back. Got me in for a Stat Mri. He checked and definite decrease in strength and reflexes in my right leg, plus foot drop. Which all the other dr's said I didn't have. Fits me for a brace to keep my foot up. He put me on another round of steroids, gabapentin, and pain pills that make me nauseated unless I take anti nausea meds with them.

Called me today, said radiologist said Mri was normal, but he was going to call them and ask about one disc cause it looked off to him. He scheduled me for an emg next week. I forgot to mention to him about my constant need to urinate and lacking the sensation that I need to have a bm. Or that my muscles are cramping. I have a follow up with him on Friday, so I guess he will go over all of this in more detail and I can tell him this stuff then?

I don't understand why I have all the symptoms, but my Mri is totally normal. I'm glad it is, but that doesn't tell me what is going on. Sitting for more than a few minutes is excruciating. My sit bones just can't take it. I'm icing 20 min every 2 hours, least I try but I have young kids. I'm in misery and so confused. My pain pills are Norco 5-375 and even taking two of those at once does that touch my evening pain. The only semi comfy position is flat on my back on something soft, with my knees bent. Even during the Mri my legs, mostly my right, kept involuntarily twitching due to the pain and pressure on my lower back. I constantly get these odd almost electrical twitches in my leg. I've been working on foot mobility for a month, with little to no improvement. Honestly I think it's just gotten worse

Sorry so long, I'm just so confused and miserable. I've never had a back issue and don't know anyone personally who had gone through anything anywhere near similar.

Thank you to anyone who read all of this, lol, and also thank you to anyone who can help! I really appreciate it!

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I'm certainly not a doctor but i've had enough types of back pain to know that your pain is PROBABLY coming from somewhere low in your spine. You didn't mention where the MRI was taken/what part of the spine. However if the MRI was taken in the wrong part of the spine it's certainly could show that there is nothing wrong or something minimally problematic (not as severe as what you have). In my opinion, problems with urination generally have to do with nerve entrapment (been there & had it ruled out as coming from other sources.). Being responsible for children and a familyCANNOT be easy with what you're going through. I would see a neurosurgeon or a neurologist and possibly eigh I would see a neurosurgeon or a neurologist and possibly a urologist. Whatever you do, DO NOT give up. ( I can't even begin to tell you what I've been through but I've seen it all - keep going until you get an answer and pain gets better. If the pain is bad enough, go to the ER - doctors don't like to see patients in the ER for pain, but if they cannot help you outside of the hospital, what else can you do? There MUST be a source of your pain.). Good luck!


Thank you for the reply! It was a lumbar Mri. I was lying down, so maybe a positional Mri would show something? Idk, I go back to see the dr Friday.

My concern, well one of, is that it's continually getting worse. The pain is up to my right shoulder blade now. My right arm is starting to get numb and tingly and I can't turn my head as far right as I normally can.

I'm definitely not going to give up, something has to be going on.

After I see the dr Friday, I have emg on Wednesday of next year week. Then I'll be seeing a neurologist.

Thanks again, it helps to know I'm not alone!


I would have to say you have some nerve entrapment . As you mentioned, a positional MRI could be beneficial, as it sounds like it could be further up in the spine, perhaps in the thoracic or cervical area. I had to have rotator cuff surgery so shoulder pain is really a bummer, especially since I now have both joints that are shot (heavily arthritic). Oh well life goes on. There are so many advances in medical technology since I had my fusion ( I have an auto graft) and there continues to be changes every day - there WILL be an answer to your problem. By the way I just picked your question to answer because no one had replied and some people get very discouraged easily. You just have to stay with it . Let us know how it goes!


Thanks, I do appreciate it. I know something is wrong, but finding our exactly what is excruciating. I tried to make a simple dinner for my kids tonight, and within 5 minutes of standing I was in a good bit of pain. By 10, way worse. By the time I finished, total of 20 minutes I'd say, I was literally sweating, shaking and nauseated from the pain. Not to mention unable to stand up straight. I couldn't even sit to eat with them. They're 4 and 6. I just need answers, and I know it's going to take time, but man... This sucks! As you all already know.