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Considering L5-S1 fusion. What to expect in ROM?

Started by IdyGal on 07/16/2016 2:29pm

Returning community member.

I've had my entire L-spine (except for L5-S1) fused from 2004 thru 2010. I left this community when my recovery seemed 'complete.' I suspected that the final fusion was inevitable and it appears the time has come to consider it. My conditions are spinal stenosis from arthritis, scoliosis, and DDD. To make things interesting, my S1 never fused as a child and that has probably contributed to my spinal instability. There's my history.

The time has come to have that final fusion done. I have an awesome spinal surgeon. I was a nurse for SCRIPPS in San Diego before all this so I had some very good surgical recommendations from multiple doctors. The skill of my doc isn't an issue. What I'm hoping to find out from someone here is what to expect in Range-of-Motion after an L5-S1 fusion. This would be the final procedure which would leave my entire L-spine fused to my sacrum.

I'm worried that I will lose what flexibility I have. Will I be able to turn enough to back into the driveway? Would I be able to bend to tie my shoes? Would I eventually be able to pick up one of my grandchildren? Even wondering if I would permanently lose the ability to wipe my bottom in a 'traditional' manner. I realize there are a lot of variables and no two people have the same result but I've also gotten some very good advice from this forum in the past.

Thank you in advance and have a 'good back day!'

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