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After back surgery....

Started by VancouverMan on 01/11/2018 3:51am

Hello my name is Steven.
In September 2015 I simply kneeled to the floor to pet the cat. I was 33 years old at this time and please understand I was in very good shape. I was jogging/running 2-3 times a week, played sports, rode a bike, worked out (very nice six pack and all). So back to petting the cat and after a min or two I attempted to get up and was not able to, took me like 20 min to get to my feet. Which when I did it didn't feel good either. I delt with the pain for a couple days which was not fun and I can handle pain. I went to the hospital and the er dr had me laying on my back and had me do the leg lift test. Right leg was about 40% and the left was about 10% and ordered me a mri right away. It was discovered that I had a major L5-S1 herniated disc. They put me on some pain meds which I really don't care to take, just don't like pain meds. Also some anti inflammatory pills to help with the swelling. It was recommended that surgery was very nessisary. Of course I was sceptical of having surgery but after he explained what has happened I agreed on surgery. He said it was a huge herniation. So schedule me for surgery as soon as he was able to, which I feel was to long after this first visit. So about 2 weeks later I have the surgery. After surgery he explained what was done. He had to go in and out of the incision a few times to remove pieces of the disc that were basically sitting on and behind the nerve. He had to move the nerve slightly to get to it. But like most it takes a few days or so before starting to walk and move around much. There is still a partial disc still in the proper place. But a couple weeks after the surgery my back was still hurting but not as bad as pre surgery. But I still had alot of pain down my butt cheek, down my hamstring area, behind my knee, in my calf, and iritance in my foot. With my back is can't sit for but more than 1 and half hour, longer layer back in my recliner. Can't carry much weight at all. In the but cheek is not so much pain but irritating pinch burning feel. Then down into the hamstring area gets worse. Mostly when sleeping and bending my leg without weight on it, it will cramp up like a pulled hamstring and I know what that feels like cause I have done it in sports. It can be very painful. Now what happens behind my knee is kinda weird. The outter tendon will flex the opposite way and just above that my leg indents in until I get that tendon to release. Then now my calf is worse, not really so much pain but not working correctly. I have done a string measurement around my calf area and it is about a little over an inch smaller than the healthy one. It to will cramp up but I have lost alot of muscle mass there oh and some sagging of my thigh muscle just above the knee. But now the foot. When I'm not wearing a shoe I can not point my toes. It will lock up in the arch and some on top. The outer 3 toes will curl and cramp causing alot of pain. Even to a point of tears, the last time I cried was when I got jalapeño juice in my eye accidentally, but who wouldn't with that, lol. Anyways my foot is numb/asleep feeling from heal to the outer 3 toes all the time. My surgeon diagnosed that area with Plantar Flexion Weakness. I can not do a toe lift of my own body weight with that foot, unlike my other foot I can do with no problem.
I can no longer sit/stand for to long at all. Can't run or jog, jump not just cause of my leg but my back can't handle the compression of the landing. This can even happen with a stumble due to the balance lost to the strength I am now lacking in my leg. I can not even have sex anymore, the movement and her on my middle section. But past that grocery shopping is a work out, and even sometimes I have to leave non perishable items in the car and rest for awhile before bring it into the house. I can walk about a mile every other day in planning interior house work, grocery shopping ect. This is probably the best exercise I'm able to do. I have another medical issues that most would be devastated with, but don't get me wrong cause when I found out I was. I got educated on it and have it under control. Most would probably think it's worse than the back leg issue. I am also hiv positive but undetectable with the meds they have these days. Undetectable means the meds have the viral load so low that taking a normal std test it will not show up. There is more about that but this is about back problems. This back and leg issue is worse to me than being positive. It has taken away most of the things I enjoy it life. As I mentioned I played sports, I liked working on my car, enjoyed having a job (s), and so much more. It has been over 2 years now after surgery and I did all the physical therapy, stretching, and so forth. It only has gotten worse and continuing. I feel I will be using a cane in the next few years, maybe even a wheelchair by the age of 50.
Thanks to everyone that has read this and hope you don't have the amount of issues I am going thru. Please leave a comment if you wish, and for any doctors that read this maybe so helpful info is always nice. I worked hard to get my leg to come back but nothing so far and have been told it might be permanent.

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Steven here again. Forgot to mention that I have had Myelogram done on my lower back to look for nerve blockage and all that was found was the scar tissue that didn't seem to be causing the problem down my leg. The surgeon said that we could remove some of the scar tissue but it would be temporary cause it will come back and maybe worse.


Hello Steven --
I am so sorry you are having such problems. The only advice I can offer is that you want to make sure you have a physician who is truly a specialist in this area. I found that that made all the difference. Best of luck to you!


hey im 40 and have had lower back pain for 8 years.One back surgeon said that it would not fix the L5 issue. A year after that I met another surgeon that performed the surgery in Aug. of2017. and after doing theropy I still have the same issues wit lower back pain and numbness of the feet. my legs can support 30%on the left leg an 70% with the right. handicap plates and cant sit ,lay or walk for long while still having pain.Life has become a stand still.And all 5 of my doctors said no more working