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Joint pain 3 months post ACDF surgery

Started by Kate4604 on 12/03/2018 1:36pm

I am 30 years old and have had neck and shoulder pain for 3 years. After physio, exercise, chiros, massages etc I had xrays done, which showed narrowing of the vertebrae, and then an MRI, which showed a bone spur at the C5/C6 level. My NS and I decided that I should go ahead with an ACDF, which I had in early September.

Recovery seemed to be going to schedule and, although I had some muscle tightness, I seemed to be getting better slowly. Then, for the last 2 weeks, I have been having increasingly painful feelings in the joints in my neck (not specifically the C5/C6 level - all the way up ). If my head is tilted one way and I try to straighten it, I feel quite intense pain. It does not feel muscular but rather deep in my joints.

I am not due to see my NS until January, for my 4 month check up.

Any advice?

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