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Outer Foot Tingles + Numbness - L5-S1 normal?

Started by mgadala on 02/02/2019 12:57pm

Hey Guys,

Long story short I'm 30 (M) and I had a "leg-lengthening" surgery on my left leg ~2 years ago after discovering my left leg was roughly 1.5" shorter than my right (causing me major right hip pain and other problems). After the surgery I was recovering normally, re-learning how to walk and within a few months a tingle in my outer left foot began to appear (mostly in the pinky toe), over the last few years this has progressively gotten worse to the point where I have been having severe "tingles" and numbness in both feet now, mainly in the outer foot (pinky toes and outer foot) but also other random feet numbness from prolonged sitting. I can't stand, walk, or run for more than a 20-30 minutes without triggering this outer toe pain in my feet and it's getting very frustrating.

I went back to my surgeon and after some x-rays he said I had a possible L5-S1 spondylosis and that I needed an MRI, I got the MRI a few weeks later and it came back completely normal. It reported no spondylosis or spondylothesis and all discs are normal with the canal and foramina are patent. After reviewing the MRI with my surgeon he basically told me I was fine and to go home. The problem is I'm still having this constant nagging pain and it's worrying me more and more as I live an active lifestyle that is being limited severely because of this new pain.

I bought an inversion table and lie in it for about ~3-5 minutes a day with little to no help. I'm also doing 30 minute pilates sessions 2-3x a week with some minor improvement but nothing major. The only thing that seems to help a lot is deep tissue release in the muscles right under my left SI joint but even that is not helping enough to show serious healing progress. I feel like the main issue is that I am not walking, running, jumping, or standing normally since the surgery and it's somehow irritating my S1 nerve but I have no idea how to make this go away or have a plan of action to improve my condition. I've tried chiropractors as well with almost no positive results.

Any help or insights into this would be very much appreciated.


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