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Started by 1674563930@facebook on 07/02/2011 4:53am

I had an auto accident about 2 weeks ago and when I was hit, new immediately I had fractured a spinal disk (I already have rods/screws in Thoracic area from a 1989 accident) - when I was hit this time by another car from the side and rear - there was pain shooting fromt he lower (lumbar) area outward - I was taken to ER and seen by one general surgeon, 2 neurosurgeon - te ct scans and exrays confirmed L-3 was fractured - like a small chip was taken off the vertabrae - the hospital held me for observation for 3 days - on the med/surg ward - then a hospital supply person dropped off a huge heavy back brace and told me to wear it all the time (except sleeping) for 2 weeks - any other questions I had he referred me to 'the doctor' - the doctors when visiting me seemed put off that the technician didn't give me more information - I maintain the doctors should've give me adivce on how long and when to follow up and perhaps Rehab - all I was told was to get in touch with one of the 3 doctors that saw me in the ER....

I am still in pain (though it is some better) - and have been unable to get appointments with the neurosurgeons OR the general surgeon for 4 more weeks....I worry that I might do too much or that I am wasting valuable rehab/recovery time - should I try and find an orthopaedic surgeon that could see me sooner (when I asks this of the neurosurgeons office when they could not see me earlier their comment was that I should follow up with who saw me in the ER - their neuro or general surgeon - )

As I mentioned I had rods/screws in 1989 - by an ortho surgeon in a trauma center (the hospital I was taken to this time was not a trauma center) - and 5 years ago when suffering from an impinged nerve, bone spurs and degenerative discs on C4 and 5 - an ortho surgeon inserted a titannium ladder (anteriorally) and I was wonderful immediately and have had not probelms with the neck since then..

I am now in my early 60s with a familial hx of osteoporosis and already have osteopenia in my hips - this accident has caused as much pain in my hips as it has in my lumbar spine - any advice on how to proceed with making sure I am not failing in good patient self-care (my PCM doctor has not returnd my call....) - Thank you so much -

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Hi Patricia!

Wow, hon. I'm so sorry to hear you're having such a hard time getting help. I think if I were in your situation, I'd pick up copies of the scans and exrays they took in the hospital and find a new doc that's not affiliated with the hospital. I mean, if you can't get an appointment with the hospital, they're not really helping anyways.

So, I'd search around and find a good ortho or neurosurgeon, make an appointment and bring all the films with ya.

Good luck and keep us posted! :)