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A dose of Inspiration and it came with a hug

Started by Trish323 on 12/11/2012 5:26pm

Well if you haven't figured it out yet my friends... I have been soo busy shopping this week. Ok, no big deal you think..we're All out there performing our annual ritual. The difference for me is that " I AM OUT SHOPPING!" And I'm in the holiday spirit and my body is being extremely cooperative along with my wonderful pain medication that works so very well for me. I do have to admit I am hearing this annoying sound in my head this week that sounds like this " TIC TOC TIC TOC TIC TOC......." My interpretation of this is, time is running out for feeling so good as I am again going to make my journey to the docs office tomorrow to pick up my script. I can honestly say that I am pretty sure it will not be the correct prescription. I have already begun deep breathing exercises and I have written down everything I would have wanted to say but because I get so freaking flabbergasted when I enter this office I screw up everything that comes out of my mouth, the staff is in such a hurry..they finish my sentences incorrectly and off they run with wrong information. For those of you believers in "what you believe becomes true"..... Well. I said it but I have changed the outcome now by using visualization of me going there, the script is correct and I leave so very pleased that all of the forces came together for a positive outcome. I will make myself "see" this hundreds of times in my mind before tomorrow morning... It has to have some positive impact, right? So getting back the inspiration part.. I was shopping in a nationally known restaurant that has the best gift shop around, filled with all kinds of nostalgic candy and cute stuff.. Initials are CB if you haven't figured out which one.
So I'm shopping trying my best to use my cane, hold my purse and also manage a few items I want to purchase. All of a sudden this sweet lady a little bit older than I placed herself smack dab in front of me and said.. " it WILL get better, I promise! " instantly I knew she somehow knew I had recently had lumbar fusion. I was wearing my brace..dead give away maybe? Because I was now standing still I could feel the numbness and pain creeping back in my legs and foot, it was time to go as I needed my magic pill. She looked into my eyes touched my arm and instantly my eyes welled up. She said " can I give you a hug? " I couldn't speak. I accepted her hug and my tears just flowed. She took my arm and brought me to checkout. Turns out she is the manager at the gift shop. She finished checkout and took me to a table and without even asking began wrapping the items I had purchased. There was also a bench and she insisted I sit.. So I did. She went on talking and explained that over the past 10 years she has had 2 lumbar fusion, 2 cervical fusion surgeries and was currently awaiting to be scheduled for a nerve stimulator trial. She told me that the DDD has now affected her thoracic spine and she knows surgery is in her near future. She was injured on her job..same job she has now and she said they have been wonderful to her, always patient with the time off she requires for her recovery. But here she is this sweet little angel of a woman working 40+ hours a week, smiling and reaching out to me. She, I'm guessing is maybe @5 yrs my senior. She told me she needs to take pain medication every now and then but she is just so grateful to be able to comfortably work, maintain her health insurance and earn a decent income. I'm guessing she is an amazing employee and she just struck me as this angel. So strange and yet it didn't feel at all strange. She completely understood where I am and how challenging life is most days. Her attitude is beyond good. I'm guessing this is maybe why she has done so well. We said goodbye with another hug ( who hugs strangers these days??) she said " you know where I am, please let me know how you are progressing." I've got to tell you, I left there floating. She made me feel as though everything was gonna be alright. I'm going to believe that it will be! How lucky I am to have found a Christmas Angel!

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Trish, not only was she a xmas angel,, she was a xmas elf in disguise to help w all ur presents u bought or me to bring them home to me on monday... Hang in there just a few more days to go,,Cant wait to see ya nhave luh..I fixed my skype, lets hope it works tonight,,dress/pack warm its been very cold n suppose to drop some more,,I have PT today,Ill find u after 4pm,,have a good day,,xo Rene :)


How beautiful! Thank you, Trish, for sharing.
Janet :)