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Had C5 C6 fusion 11years ago no collar now C6 C7 fusion collar 8weeks

Started by pbruffino on 02/28/2013 8:58pm

Ok Please help me! I have had fusion C6 C7 in 2002 the recovery was great!! I was home in one day, no collar,
very little pain, no pain pills and 6 weeks of PT. I was pain free....Until now! The same Dr. did the fusion C6 C7
same way through the front and this time full collar for 8 weeks ,24/7 , sleep flat on my back with NO pillow!
Also this time NO PT. The pain with the collar on goes down my shoulders and down my arms so much more then before the surgery! Please tell me if this going to get better or because of the second surgery and no PT.

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