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Pain radiating in neck,hands arms to my pinky finger and one next to it

Started by terrifrom70 on 03/01/2013 3:31pm

I have spondylolisthesis and have had back problems but, The pain in my fingers are crippiling. We ruledcarpal tunnel out. Could this pain be from my spine to? Everyone with my condition have these symptons in back I have pain in back but nothing like what is going on with my hands. I cannot live with this sharp, stabbing pain at the end of finger tips. I feel like they are being shocked alot of time to where I make a fist real hard so, cannot feel it then. Please help me understans??

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Hi Terrifrom. I have a spondylolisthesis and have had a TLIF at L5-S1. BUT, I also have had crippling pulsating pain going into my little pinky finger. More so on the right hand. I close my hand in a fist or grab something to make the horrible hurt stop for a moment or two. I have had this going on prior to my back surgery. My surgeon and neurologist cannot see anything on my MRI that would cause this to be coming from my neck and have had studies done to show that it is coming from my neck. I have had a stella ganglion block done. Also with no decrease in stinging. I can calm it down when I am at rest, sometimes.
And normally when I sleep it will go away. Thankfully. So, I am no help but I want you to know there is at least 1 other with that same pain!