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Living with pain everyday. And taking pain pills to cope with everyday life. I've had a total 3 fusion back sergeries and the third surgery, the dr. Removed my rod an stews. Now I'm left with stiff back and no mobility. I wish I had more mobility!!

Started by kking1968 on 04/26/2017 10:14pm

Starting back in high school myself and some friends would do crazy things , like down hill racing on bikes .nobody was hurt .the whole crew was on wrestling teamS welll.. football too .one day my back began to bother me and didn't have any answers .so I went to the Dr. office I had a slight curve and pinched nerves bulging disc.....my back would lock up for no reason !! So the Dr. fussed my back from L1. To L5. Two rods on each side with screws holding the hardware down !!!! My life is not what it once was and it makes me cry sometimes..I've lost my mobility and would love some of it back . Can anyone help me or know of a Dr. that can ? I want to get married one day and this would cuz issues probably....

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Wow, so sorry to hear. Did you consider going in to have an adr instead? I have 3 levels in my neck and it gives me a lot of mobility.


Hi, kking1968--we are so sorry to read about the pain you're in and your loss of mobility. Those two things can take such a huge toll on your quality of life.

We'd like to share our doctor finder tool with you: https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe... . This will connect you to spine specialists near you who can help. Spine specialists will best understand your pain and be able to craft an appropriate treatment plan for you.

We hope this is helpful and wish you the very best of luck!