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Does it need a Specialist?

Started by Jillaroo on 04/14/2018 3:13am

Two months ago my left leg started swelling considerably. By evening you could push a complete thumb into the top of my foot and the indent would stay there up to 20 minutes. Same time, my back became too painful to sleep and I had to start putting my feet up on the wall at right angles (which I assumed would also help with the swelling). My left leg continued to swell during the day and go down at night, my back started shooting lightening into my left buttock, and my left leg stopped working as well - being stiff, swollen and aching terribly.

After a clear ultrasound on my leg veins to check for clots, I was sent for an x-ray and they found the following:
1. Moderate anterolisthesis of L5 over S1 secondary to bilateral pars defect.
2. Reduced L5/S1 intervertebral disc space with opposing endplate degenerative changes.
3. Suggestion of generalised reduced bone density. Consider DEXA for evaluation.

It was suggested I take the findings to a Physiotherapist and get some excersises (which I have), but the pain still seems to be increasing. I am wondering if I should be requesting a Specialist referral for this or whether I just need to suck it up and wait for the healing to happen?

I am in my 50’s (and probably menapause) and currently looking after my 2 young grandkids while my daughter has her third. I am being careful not to lift them or twist because of the pain, but - can I actually do more damage if I do?

Thanks guys :)

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After reading many more conversations on this site the conclusion seems to be that you have 3 main options.

1. Rest a lot, do your physio and take your pain meds. Give up on your life as you knew it.

2. Have Spinal fusion (which seems to work well) and be prepared for further problems and surgery in 5-7 years time as the adjoining vertebrae become compromised.

3. Get Spinal repair and devote yourself to 6months to 1 year re-hab and come out about as good as new.

If you think I have misunderstood anything, please let me know, but I think I will definitely start looking for a qualified specialist in this area :)