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New to the site.. not new to the pain!

Started by linzo on 02/25/2010 8:23pm

Hello. I am new around here, and I thought I would say hello :) I am Lindsay, 25 year old female. After a few visits with the chiropractor this week and 5 years of constant pain I finally have some answers as to why I hurt so bad! It is quite a relief to realize it isn't in my head! I was wondering if I could post some of the results of my xrays and maybe get some feed back from someone not being paid by me?

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I'm new here today. (3/6/10) Surprised you've had no comments.

I've been seeing a chiropractor for over a year after an auto accident in Dec 08. Have mixed feelings lately as problems crop up. Hard to determine if they are related to the accident, about getting older or are ongoing issues not addressed over the years.

Q about x-rays being reviewed by someone you're not paying?? Watch for a local chiropractor offering a free (or low cost) special event day. Most do this once a year. Take your ex-rays with you. Usually no appointment needed. It's a promotional event for them. Many even offer a "first visit" complimentary. Get out your phone book and call a few. You'll get a lot of info and they'll answer your questions.

Just keep in mind that Chiropractic can take a long time to ultimately correct problems. It's usually not covered by insurance and can get expensive. Don't want to discourage you, just let you know it's not a quick fix. You're only 25 but if the pain has been going on for 5 years, there's something wrong. Be sure you fully understand what that something is before going too far in Chiro. Make sure he is giving you lots of excercises to do at home to help yourself and DO THEM. Examine your diet, lifestyle, habits, etc. There may even be something you're allergic to that's exaserbating your condition. You've probably heard a lot of that from the Chiro. Most are very holistically minded.

REMEMBER: God helps those who help themselves. (BUT God help those who get caught helping themselves...) A little humor always helps.

Hope you are doing well. Best wishes..