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sciatica and bulging disc

Started by Rosemarie Carki... on 12/07/2016 10:52pm

Went to a doctor in Cleveland area that assured me that he could shave the disc and do a lamenectomy. He said his assoc would be doing the surgery and he would assist. Found out later that the asst. was an orthopedic surgeon. Had the surgery and still had pain down legs, lower back and in buttocks. When I returned for my check up found out after having x-rays that he removed the disc and did not stabilize my spine causing vertebrae to drop like a domino effect. Now have to go back and have screws/bolts and also do the laminectomy. There were too many mistakes and now have to have surgery again by another neurosurgeon. Pain doctor said the surgery was never completed. Sooo disgusted....this was truly negligence. Pain in terrible worse than when I started. soooo disgusted.

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