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L4-L5 disc prolapse + L5 Radiculopathy

Started by Dutchgirl on 02/22/2017 10:33am

I have had weakness of my left leg and extreme difficulty walking for 10 days. I have had low back pain and sciatica intermittently for 5 weeks. The pain is worse after sitting or driving. The pain started after repeatedly picking up and swinging around a child (wish I'd never done that)!

I saw a Neuro surgeon yesterday following MRI scan who advused microdiscectomy L4-5 & fenestration. He said because of the difficulty in walking (I can only walk for @10 mins without leg pain and severe weakness of the limb ) there was no alternative??

I am a fit and healthy 50 year old and not overweight. Is there any alternative to surgery e.g. Spinal manipulation by a chiropractor?? On the other hand I am worried about NOT having surgery asap incase the L5 radiculopathy is irreversible - I am only able to limp at present which is terrible. Am used to walking and being active. Any advice appreciated - thank you.

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Hello, and thanks for posting your question! We think you're approaching the prospect of spine surgery with a lot of thoughtfulness, which is great.

If you're wondering about other possible treatment options, why not get a second opinion? There's absolutely nothing wrong with having another spine specialist review your specific case and offer a treatment recommendation.

We have a great article about getting a second opinion that we hope you'll find helpful ( Second Opinion on Spine Surgery: Rude or Smart? ).

Keep us posted on how you move forward!