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ddd all spine

Started by salsybar45 on 11/01/2018 2:44pm

good eveing everybody , I am new to the forum . I have tried multiple diets , exercises worked and I can no longer do it all. I quit work because it does not help at all . I have ddd in my cervical at c4 c5 c6 annulus bulges . I have minimally prominent of the spinal cord t6 t7 t8 . marginal osteophytes and bulges at the mid thoracic section too . I have bulges on multiple levels of the lower thoracic. I have facet joint disease , tropism of the facet joints and bulges in the lumbar and ddd in my s1 joint . any exercising I do . my neck will start I get pain in my shoulders down my arms . numbness and swelling in my hands. my mid thoracic will flare up gives me pain through to my chest and breast bone , it feels like a heart attack. numbness and pins and needles in my ribs . I can not twist or bend my back up straight from my lower thoracic . I can not turn over in bed , I have to sit up and turn over . when I am crossing a road I have to turn my whole body around to look. I can not move my hips from side to side . my lumbar part is horrible. im sorry to go into detail but even sexual positions I get numbness down the backs of my legs into my hips. I get pain and numbness and pins and needles in everything with having ddd in every section. so no matter what I do. one part of my spine flares up , the rest follows. its been a complete roller coaster for 4 years now. I feel like a failure to my family . I work in the care sector and its really getting me down .sorry for long introduction. I am medication but fed up of taking it. got diagnosed in 2017 with fibromyalgia 2016 hypothyroidism and ddd and djd in 2015 . before getting diagnosed with all this never took has much has a paracetomol . I am thinking of trying a chiropractor

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