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Sharing a Good L5 S1 Surgery Story

Started by Pat_M on 02/16/2019 11:30am

I wanted to share my story briefly to note that there is a positive outcome available for those considering what to do with a slipped disk.. I had my back pain for the slipped disk start in Fall of 2013. It became a real issue in March of 2014 when I had to lay down for eye surgery I had (ICL, to no longer wear glasses). The back pain was significant and I couldn't sit. Through PT, it did go away after 2 months but then returned in the fall. It became a fully slipped disk in December as I was doing work on my house. It got much worse resulting in my staying home from work for 1 week and then pushing through the pain for a month. I tried steroids and an injection. I tried PT, chiropractor and acupuncture. In the end I had back surgery at Beth Israel in Boston, with the procedure performed by Dr. Kevin J. McGuire. He was perfect and within days post surgery I was off pain medication. I did PT for a few months and by middle of the summer I was completely back to full activity. I did have a recurrence of the pain this past summer, but with PT and training for a marathon it went away. I know I need to continue to exercise to help my core avoid a recurrence of the pain and I still face potential back issues in the future. But I can say my surgery was successful and I am very happy I went to Dr. McGuire.

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