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Loose Screw 18 Months Post ACDF

Started by cmc82366 on 01/25/2010 2:51pm

I had ACDF on c5/c6/c7 in October 2008. It took care of all of the terrible nerve related issues I was having prior to the surgery. Ever since I have had extremely tight muscles in the neck and shoulderblades, massage barely gets at it. I thought that was just residual that I was to be left with so didn't complain much.

for the past 4 months, I have had terrible ear pain. I was initially told I had an ear infection but after not responding to 4 rounds of antibiotics and steroids, I was sent to the ENT. The ENT told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with my ear and sent me for a CT Scan of my neck.

Turns out I have a loose screw. I am waiting to see my surgeon about this. But aside from ear pain/throat pain/jaw pain, what usually happens at this point? How terrible is the surgery recovery? Do they just take the screw out or do they have to do the whole thing all over again?

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I have had the hardware/screws removed out of two spots in my back. 1st was last year and 2nd was 2 weeks ago. I too had to have spinal fusion with harware for these areas.
Two options could happen. 1st they will go in & remove the hardward-clean area out and fill in the holes (refusion). 2nd they could go in take out that hardware and determine that you need new ones. Alot depends on how your old fusion is doing. I am doing so much better since they took the hardware out. So I hope that is what route you get.


I am having surgery 2-9-10 and am jusst reding for intformation - Thanks & God Bless You!


having the same symtoms as you after having neck surgery 15 years ago, one screw is almost out, waiting in Dr. what did they do for you????


I have just learned I also have non fushion at C6/7 and a loose screw. ACDF 8/14 C5-7. I have not had appointment with surgeon yet so I do not know my options. I do not want to have additional surgery and would like to know if anyone had the problem and choose not to have it done again. Thank you for any info you think would be of help to me.