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Pain Management with Methadone

Started by mrjeffc on 03/01/2010 12:38pm

I had my back broken at work, In 05 I had a TLIF (transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion) with all the hardware. I was found to be disabled due to disorders of the back, discogenic and degenerative wiht spondylolisthesis. I have had numerous nerve blocks done. I am in chronic pain and the radiculopathy is horrible. The best I have felt is when I was on Methadone, (80mg a day) but no longer have that Dr so I am looking for Pain Management physician who uses Methadone as a choice of medicine as opposed to perscribing 200 Perocet a month.( which I think is excessive) !! Can anyone guide me where I can find such a Dr. In Cleveland?
I look forward to getting some feedback.
Thank You

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I thought this site was directly in the Cleveland Oh area.
So..I am in Cleveland Ohio searching for pain doc who uses methadone
or to be directed where to search
Thank you


Please Please do not use Methadone. It is very dangerous. I was taking it for awhile and was lucky. Instead of dying I went psychotic. I lost my mind. There are other drugs out there. Stay away from methadone. I does kill. Just stay away from anything with tylenol in it. It will ruin your liver.
I hope you stop your search. I took the stuff because my Dr. said to. But it did nothing for my pain.
It just messed up my mind. That made me awful to be around, I lost friends and family. Thank the lord my husband stayed by me, while I got that poison out of my system.
Just stay away from the stuff.
You may be looking for a high? If so those days are over, you are used to pain meds and they wont make you high..They will just take away the pain. If you are lucky. You need to search for a Doctor with empathy. A Doctor that knows you are hurting. If you have a Dr. that doesn't give you methadone than that Dr. is smart and aware and cares for your well being. Trust me the stuff is poison.


I have been on Methadone for 6 years and the only problem I have with it is constipation. It did not make me go crazy, as far as I know. Medicines cause people different side effects, so no one is the same. I take 80 mg a day. About 1 1/2 years ago I re-injured my back and in 2 weeks I am getting my 5th back surgery. I had 2 in the early nineties and two in around 2001. I can no longer stand the pain down my right leg even with taking the methadone and ibuprofen daily. I had a fusion of L4-L5 in 2001 that didn't really help me much, but now I have problems with L3-L4 causing additional and worse pain down my right leg. It is also causing me pain down my left leg. It has been insane trying to deal with the pain, I haven't worked for over ten years now. I recently read about spinal simulation and wonder why out of all the neurosurgeons I have seen no one offered this to me. I think I would have tried this before having surgery if offered. But as for Methadone, the reason my doctor gave it to me was since I wouldn't grow accustomed to it too soon, and he was right. I was using the fetanil pain patches, but I had breathing problems with them. Probably due to the leaking problems with them. I am lucky I am a big man or it could have killed me.


I agree that for those of us that need to, and do not have an aversion to opiate pain medication, that you should use what works for you. Methadone, Morphine, whatever. Not everyone will have the same reaction. I have been suffering froom DDD for almost a year now. L4/L5 & L5/S1. I hhave been through all of the "conservative treatments", and can tell you that NOTHING has help. I am fortunate that I have found a pain managment specialist to work with in conjuction with my neurosurgeon. He started me on morphine sulfate, but did not make a dent. Did not want to go the route of methadone for personal reasons, but would not advocate against it. What I have found though is that simple hydrocone in pure form works well for me. Does not stop the pain 100%, but enough that I can still function & hold down a job (office work). My surgeon has given me 1 last option before I am forced to go the route of an ALIF (360 fusion). That is the spinal stimulator. The great thing about it is that you can go through a trial run to see if it helps with the pain, and if you can handle the sensation. For me, the trial was WONDERUL!!! I had NO PAIN... repeat... NO PAIN in my leg what so ever. That is where my primary pain is located. Due to the surgical pian of the temp implant, not so sure how well the coverage was on my low back. To anyone considering surgery (fusion), I would absolutely recommend asking about a stimulator trial. With respect to the meds... I was not aware that you could get high dose hydrocodone in pure format until my pain Doc told me about compounding pharmacies. Instead of getting Norco or Percocet (both which have acetamenaphine that will destroy your liver), these specialty pharmacies create the meds onsite, and do not include the tylenol. Granted, they are expensive, but if you have a decent insurance plan that covers RX's, than you should be able to get reimbursed for a % of the cost. I know this because I work in Human Resources (Comp & Benefits). Try & see if you can find a pain doc that can or will right you an RX to take to one of these compounding pharmacies. That, or just stick with the methadone if it works for you. As for the stimulators, check out a website called medtronic.com. They have an abundance of information on the devices as they are the primary manufacturers here in US. The battery last 9 years, and is rechargable. I am scheduled to have my permanent implant put in on May 13th. I am only 33 yrs old, and just cannot gamble on a fusion surgery right now that could possibly make me worse. With all the research I have done, I am going to try whatever I can before going under the knife for a fusion surgery. Good luck to you all. I feel your pain. Trust me I do!!