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L5 Ruptured disc surgery

Started by dennyp on 03/15/2010 8:47pm

I had L5 surgery x's 8 weeks ago. My doctor gave me the usual recovery activities of walking no bending, lifting etc, I reviewed with him after 6 weeks and was still experiencing the sqame pain as before, he gave me prednisone for 2 weeks to handle the inflammation from the surgery. ( removed ruptured disc part and left the remaining disc intact) he explained to continue with walking even through the discomfort that this will correct itself along with the help of the steroid.

Am I being to pushy at this point or do I need to continue, the pain feels just as intense as previous to surgery, he also explained that if this didn't solve my problem we could always go back in for fusion...

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Husband had L5 surgery and 2 months later had to have surgery again for scar tissue from first surgery had developed, this could be your problem


I ruptured my L5-S1 disc last year and had surgery in August. The same surgery as you described. About 2-4 weeks after the surgery, the pain in my leg was almost completely gone. I did still have the same amount of pain in my lower back, though. After 2 months, I started physical therapy and started feeling a lot better. Every once in a while, I could tell when I was up and about too much and would have to sit or lay down. After a month in therapy, I re-ruptured the same disc, but on the opposite side, while doing crunches in the therapy session. They wanted me to strengthen my core muscles to help take the load off my lower back muscles.

I had to have another microdiscectomy in February. Like before, the pain in my leg is almost gone, but I am 6 weeks post-op now and still have a lot of pain in my lower back. I am taking it easy this time and just letting it heal in it's own good time before pushing therapy. I could feel myself getting addicted to the hydrocodone I was taking for pain, so I took myself off of it. I am now taking 800mg Ibuprofen for the inflammation and pain. Being a Marine, I don't see pain as a bad thing. It lets me know when I'm doing something stupid and tells me to stop that.

If you have not had any relief from the pain 8 weeks after the surgery, maybe there is something else that was missed on the original MRI or during surgery. I would definitely discuss it with the doctor and ask for another MRI to be taken, with and without contrast.