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Pain behind knee that wiil not allow me to bend knee

Started by billymusicman on 03/17/2010 8:23pm

I had herniated disc surgery 3 years ago, then the same disc blew out on other side so I am waiting and doing exercises and got 3 shots. Recovery has been ok but I felt really good on Friday so did some core stretches and some aerobics on a aerofit. The next moring I could not bend my right knee. There is some swelling behind knee and a little discoloation. Dont know if I have an injury there or it is coming from my back.

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Look into Bakers cyst--a fluid-filled sac behind the knee. I used an electric blanket for over a month while sleeping on my stomach. The gentle heat (I think) got rid of the bakers cyst. But I still could not bend my knee and had pain every day behind the thigh, behind the knee and on the outside of the calf and the top of the foot. I tried ice for months--that didn't help. I finally tried THERMA-CARE, those heat pads that I purchased at Walgreens. I put them on the various spots of my leg and thought I had finally solved my problem. When I stopped, the pain returned. Someone mentioned SCIATICA. After I checked into that (a very large nerve that descends from the spine down to the foot) I put the heat wrap in my rear-end, not my leg. Apparently the nerve was somehow disturbed near my tail bone but the pain radiated down my leg. That seems to have helped me.