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Post, lumbar stenosis surgery, four levels, both sides

Started by meidsvoog on 04/16/2010 7:01pm

I had back surgery Feb 8, 2010. Surgery was on L2/L3 through L5/S1 both sides. I also have 3 disk herniations, 1 @ 6mm, and 2 @ 5mm. I am a 48 yr m just started p.t. this week, 3 times a week for 7 weeks. The therapist says she feels scar tissue on the L2-L3. Surgery eliminated the sciatica in both legs from the buttocks to the toes on both feet. I am thankful for that !!! However, since surgery, I have had persistent numbness in both legs from the calves through the toes of both feet. Last week I started having shooting pains in the arches of both feet. It happens randomly while driving, sitting, walking, standing, sleeping ??? Does anybody know if this might be related to the scar tissue? Has anyone experienced scar tissue problems, and if so what were the symptoms? I started disability June 2009, and have had progressive back problems from 5 years prior. The blocks, shots, electronic stimulation, acupuncture, did not help my condition. The pills take the edge off, only for a little while. Pain becomes a little depressing after awhile, thank you for responding.

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i feel your pain meidsyoog. 10 years i put off surgery. So on 4/6/10 it was spinal fusion at L3-4 with Laminect/on L2-5. I also tried everything you did over the years and did NOT want surgery. Well , about 5 years ago depression started. I'm female.Men feel different about talking to someone other than their friends/family, but antidepressants work pretty good along with therapy (talk). your writing in for opinions, so maybe it's time. Plus, we can really get to be gloomy to be around. Not me of course, haha Try and make an appt with a psychiatrist. They will work with you, find different drugs that may take the pain away. Although I'm not medical, it sounds as though scar tissue is leaning on some nerves. At the end of your PT, go back to your surgeon. Get an MRI and find out for sure. It could also be something different, actually in your feet. (although I doubt it) Write again.