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Question about Pain Meds...

Started by robby on 05/11/2010 10:09am

Hello I just found this site here and it's very interesting, I have a question. I had surgery back in 1998 ( Laminectomy L 5) about 6 mons after that still had alot of pain so Dr went back in to remove some scar tissue. About 2 weeks after 2nd operation I noticed a lump on my back, it was spinal fluid. Turns out the Dr tore my spine when removing scar tissue.So then I went to a neurosurgen, I had the leak fixed and have been having Terrible pain ever since. So my Q. I was taking Oxy Contin 80mg 2 every 8 hrs and 30 mg oxycodone for breakthrough. Now I'm on MS Contin because no more generic Oxy.
100 mg 2 every 8 hrs. they make me to tired and dont really help the pain. Does anyone know something I can take that comes generic, My Insurance only pays generic.
Thanks so much

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I think ur screwed on that one as far as level of pain relief...net step up is fentol...but I would ask your pharmacist what there is in generic for that kid of pain level. I have found they really do know more about what is on the market and if younhave a good one will be more than willing to help you find a replacement for what u are taking.


I have very similar Spinal cord puncture during ESI and L4-5 laminectomy, discectomy, facetectomy, forminotomy in Sept. I continued to have a lot of pain and I had been on OxyContin Percocets and even Neurontin. I still had alot of pain. My family doctor put me on Lyrica 50mg 2 x daily and Savella 50 mg 2 x daily. They are both similar for fibromyalgia but they took away alot of the nerve pain, I still have the ache and sore pain but not that severe nerve pain. I'm not sure if they have generic versions but, I can tell you this I am on workers comp and they are the tightest insurance and if they pay for these scripts you should have no poblem. Good Luck and I feel your pain


No gen for lyrica that I know of. Cymbalta is supposed to have that same kind of effect but not sure about gen on that either. Some places you can buy a pharmacy card separate from your erg insurance. Might be something to look at. Morphiene immediate release runs pretty cheap over the counter but the long lasting Aviza which is slow release morphine is like 300 for a month supply. Killed me in between insurance. Been between here and there...no easy answers for any of us I guess. Check out prescript card...runs maybe 90'a month but might b worth looking into. I think that was a family card tho. Worth looking into.?
Good luck


Don't know where my head was. Pain drs get samples all the rime and if ur insurance won't cover then they are pretty good about getting u a month supply. Had to it with cymbalta and a couple of other meds. Just ask and see what happens. Good luck!


Fentanyl patches are available as a generic drug. They can still be a little expensive depending on your co-pay. They can be a little tricky/dangerous when making the transition, so make sure you discuss it with your doctor before making the change. It takes a while for the Fentanyl to get absorbed and be effective for pain and if you are taking other narcotic medications, you can end up ODing on day 3 when everthing hits you at once. I was on them for years and they worked pretty well for me and once I got used to them, I was able to return to work and not be impaired like I was with oral narcotics.