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Posted in: Chronic pain, and Spinal stenosis.

multiple level spinal stenosis

Started by Frank1 on 05/17/2010 3:49pm

Does anyone have (or know of) experience with the North American Spine Institute? I had L2/3 laminectomy/fusion in Feb 09 but was largely unsuccessful. I have spinal stenosis at four levels and suffer debilitating leg pain and numbness, and with that (I'm sure you all are aware) crashing depression. They claim they can do multiple levels in one surgery with new procedure. Thanks.

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I also have multiple level spinal stenosis. Know nothing about the Insititute. Have had input from four different specialists, each with different advice.
I have severe stenosis in L3-4, L2-3, and a lipoma in the Lumbar, as well as mild cervical canal stenosis and bilateral narrowing at C5-6 and C4-5. I have leg pain that can be severe, but I remain quite active except in hard labor and sports. No depression.
One of the Neurosurgeons I am consulting is sending me for quite a battery of tests and is looking at surgery soon as a possibility. My chiropractor, who referred me to the neurosurgeon, says I don't need so many tests (especially don't need a myelogram), and only L3-4 and 4-5 surgeries (not the lipoma).
Thanks for the info that they claim they can do multiple levels in one surgery with new procedure. My chiropractor claims my neurosurgeon is an "old-school myelogrammer" (even though he still recommends him and is actually older than him). I will ask my neurosurgeon about multiple levels in one surgery. Spine Universe.com had a helpful article on the advantages and risks of myelograms. Does anyone know whether the possible side-effects and complications of myelograms are just temporary or can they be permanent? Thanks!