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Disability..Should I can I ?????

Started by Lost420 on 05/19/2010 5:32pm

Hi my name is Aaron and im 29 years old.I found out at 21 when I hurt my self working for temp servive at some wearhouse. That I had Primary [since birth] Spinal Stinosis with a bulging disc with nerve damage. My leg spasams are intince at best in my left leg ofc. Any turn sit pick up dip movment of any kind,is possible to ly me up in bed I am carefull and stoped my active life so yung.Now over wight,angry,mentaly unsure of my abilitys as a laborer. Well thats a joke I just cant do it anymore laborer I gave that up...i turnd to selling drungs for awhile but failed at that . Now a criminal record follows me around so jobs even harder. Im at the end of my rope .Never sell agin no way!!! I am back at my mothers becuse no job no hope no future but pain. At 21 life shatterd,been trying to make money need it to live you know. My mother will take me back only so meny times and I dont want to be here im freakin 29 years old.My minds on a mental lapse. I need help but from a poor and uneducated family answers are just not there.

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well the first thing to do is pray and pray hard god will help you and go and apply for your disability do you have a good doctor that will help you if you do thats 1 for you if not find one that will ive seen people that realy are bad hurting and it take along time for them to get appoved couse there doctor wouldnt help them but you got to apply to get so go and apply and pray really hard and get all your records from your doctor and take them with you and have him write you a letter saying you are compltey disable and can not work or do any kind of work may god be with you and i wish you the best couse you are so young


Hey Aaron,

I would go for the disability. Get an attorney first. Its making things much easier. I now have my 1st denial, he's taking over. it helps too that he has back problems like I do L4&L5 disks,so he totally understands what i am going through & cares.
Ironic or God's Will....... i like to think it was God at work there,.


It wont hurt anything to apply. Apply for medicaid first so you have medical assistance.