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Curious discussions are for advice from people with the same problems

Started by Sam227 on 07/02/2010 9:34pm

I thought all the answers, advice and comments were from people like me. With chronic pain back problems and upcoming surgery. It seems like there's a lot of people out there trying to sell laser surgery! I've learned there's a lot of ladies and men out there just like me on this form. More than I ever thought. It is sad that we put time and effort into discussions that are just for people trying to sell laser surgery. Again I've only been here for about three months. I think the doctors and the laser surgery centers that are on here trying to sell their products should be banned from this network. It's unfair for us that care about other people's problems. We waste our time then we find out some its joke of someone trying to sell stuff. Please tell me where to go to explain this to the people of this spine universe. With my back problems I'm unable to work so I'm on the computer quite a lot right now. It must be people get conned into these scams. Or are the people would not be on here selling. Till this week I really didn't realize it was that big of a deal. Please let me know your thoughts and comments on this guys. Sam

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Hi Sam,

First off, I hope your surgery went well and you are doing great! I have more news on me and can't wait to fill you in on it when you are up and able!

The first thing you can do about the laser surgery people is hit the "report abuse" button and report them for advertising in the boards. That's pretty much the way to go because the owners and operators of spine universe are very busy and can't read every post. I know I've done it a few times so I know it works. I can be a bitch. I like to read about all of us and not have to deal with the advertising....if I am interested in a certain product, I'd go to the paid advertisments just like every one else.

Keep in touch when you feel better!



Hi Wendi /All Surgery went Ok .I have lots to talk about i-.I`m very weak now. Right after surgery they cut my pain meds to Less than Before surgery. Need to talk to all I don`t thin k I was treated RIGHT.But home now starting pT at home today. Happy surgery is over. Sam


Very sad for u. Kindly try homeopathic doctors around your place. Iam from india my name is charlin joseph. got well by homeopathic disease. and in alopathy there is hardly a cure available for these arthritical diseases.

I got well that's why iam telling you. Any assistance required please contact.
My god make you well sooner.