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can you help me find an answer????

Started by ghop on 07/05/2010 9:51pm

in aug. of 2008 i was injured by a dog pulling on my arm, i went to a specialist who sent me to p.t. the therapist determined in dec. that i had a neck injury. i had c5-6 discectomy and spinal fusion in jan. of 2009. two weeks after surgery i began to tremor in my hands. the tremors gradually increases to involve my arms, legs and entire body. i also had siezure type episodes. i saw a number of neuro specialists and was told i had conversion disorder and ptsd. in april of this year i began to see a chiropractor and the tremors have all but disappeared, although now i have chronic pain in my neck and arms. i am now seeing another p. therapist who agrees there is something wrong with my nerves and arm function as does the chiropractor. that is great but the dr. seems to think this is all a psychological issue. all i know is that i hurt all the time and the meds, tramadol, naproxen, prozac and xanex are not touching my pain and i am not crazy like the drs. seem to think. any similar cases out there with results differant than mine, please help. two years and twenty drs. hasn't helped can you?

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Have you talked to any doctor about Reflex Sympathetic Dystropy (RSD/CRPS)? It is NOT in your head, and physical therapy will only exacerbate the problem. RSD is caused by trauma that affects the sympathetic nerve chain in the body. I do hope you get relief soon.


I agree with the previous responder. RSD is a complex disorder that usually occurs after some type of injury. Only a physician that is familiar with and who specializes in this disorder can accurately test you for it, and then determine if this is the correct diagnosis. I suggest you research RSD on the Internet and get as much information on the disorder as possible. Then, if you feel that this may be what you have been suffering with for all this time, look for a doctor in your area who specializes in the disorder. Unfortunately, it is not easy to treat, but there are doctors who are trying new (some experimental) methods to treat/manage it. 12 years ago I was diagnosed with Central Pain Syndrome (aka Thalamic Pain Syndrome) thought to be caused by some mini-strokes. My entire L side hurts, 24/7. Up until 2 1/2 years ago I was able to manage the pain with the use of fentanyl patches & Topamax. Of course, due to tolerance to the fentanyl, as well as a gradual increase and spread of my pain, the dose of fentanyl had to be increased every so often-I started on 25 mcg every 72 hours, and was on this for two years. Then it was increased to every 48hours, which worked for a year. At that time it was increased again to 50mcg/48 hours, which helped for about 2 years, and again the dose was upped to 75mcg/48hrs for about 3 years. My PM doctor was reluctant to increase it further, as I only weighed 112 lbs at the time. However, my pain was becoming more intolerable, so, after being on the patch for over 8 years, he again increased the dose to 100mcg. After about a year, my pain not only increased considerably, but changed in the way it felt, and now it was "spreading" to some areas on my R side, such as my hand, foot, front of my thigh, and face. I also started experiencing the burning/tingling/numbness inside my mouth, which are the same sensations I had been having on my L side from day one. Instead of increasing the dose, the Dr. changed the frequency that I could change the patches from every 48 to every 36 hours. This wasn't much help, so he added Lyrica to my medications, as well as hydrocodone for BT pain. Still not getting much relief, after about 8 months he added Methadone 5mg 3/day, again without much help. Then, about 2 years ago he increased the fentanyl to 200mcg every 36 hours. At this time I weighed 105lbs, my level of function has decreased to the point where I can no longer drive, I am rarely able to make dinner, my Husband does all of the shopping, as well as drive me to all of my appointments, get my prescriptions, AND we own a business which means he works six days a week plus works at home. You can imagine the toll this has taken on our marriage. My husband is 40, and I just turned 55 6 days ago. If I don't find a better way to manage this pain, I'm afraid my marriage will end. We just started seeing a Psychologist to help me deal with my depression and my husband deal with his frustration/resentment/anger and so forth, and this Dr. Also mentioned RSD. Although I don't know if it applies to my situation, I certainly would look into it if I were you. I'm sorry I went on and on like this, but I felt that someone who is in pain like I am could understand and perhaps relate to my feelings. I hope you get the help you need and deserve. The last thing I'd like to say to you is DON'T GIVE UP! Good luck! You'll be in my thoughts.