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HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!CHRONIC PAIN (OUCH!!!)

Started by jackiedisloved on 07/23/2010 7:23pm

May someone explain my MRI and nerve conducting study test. I am sooo much pain. I dont see my doctor for another three weeks and would love to get an idea what is going on. I have somewhat an idea, but I need someone to explaine it to me and maybe I will understand better.Thank you so much

Findings: Reversal of the normal cervical lordosis centered at the c4-5 level. Mild irregularity of the end plates of c4-c5 and c-6 seen likely degenerative in etiology.
c2-3: unremarkable on the sagittal images.
c3-c4 posterior disc bulge with tiny central disc herniation and facet disease causing mild right foraminal narrowing.
c4-c5: Posterior disc bulge with a central disc herniation and facet disease causing mild spinal stenosis at this level. Foramina appear patent.
c5-c6: Posterior disc bulge with a central disc herniation mildly indenting the ventral cord. Mild spinal canal narrowing. Foramina appear patent.
c6-c7: Posterior disc bulge with a central disc herniation indenting the ventral cord and facet disease causing moderate spinal stenosis at this level. Foramina appear patent.
c7-T1 facet disease causing mild left and moderate right foraminal stenosis. This is likely secondary to an osteophyte.

Multilevel spondylosis superimposed upon reversal of normal cervical lordosis causing moderate spinal stenosis at the c6-c7 level as well as mild spinal stenosis at the c5-6 and c4-c5 levels. Foraminal stenosis as described above. There is facet disease causing probable moderate right facet disease at the c7-T1 level.

My Nerve conducting study read:
Borderline slow sensory nerve conduction velocity noted in the first, second and third finger-wrist and palm-wrist segments of both median nerves.

Borderline prolonged terminal latency noted in the left median nerve.

Normal sensory and motor NCV's with normal amplitudes noted in the other segments of tested nerves of both upper extremities. Tested nerves include both median, right ulnar and the right radial sensory.

The above findings are compatible with minimal bilateral carpel tunnel syndrome. The electrical findings are minor and essentially confined to the sensory segments only. The remainder of the nerve conduction data is normal.

Diagnosis: Evaluate for neuropathy/entrapment syndrome

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Your test results are similar to mine, and I say yeouch!! Did you talk to doc? I'm onpain management meds that are helpful, but my activities are limited.



I saw your post before but I didn't think I could contribute anything. I haven't been officially diagnosed yet though I'm making an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. I appear to have spondylosis too, which probably as you know by now, is spinal arthritis. Stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal. These are extremely painful conditions -- as you know. I'd like to know what your doctor tells you when you see him. I'm really curious to see what he says and what his plan for treatment is. You look like you're much younger than me - I'm 56 - so you may have more options. Anyway, hope you get some relief soon.

Let us know what happens. Take care!


help me what does this mean? lumbar spine impression:chronic degenerative changes particulary at 5-1 with some left sided foraminal narrowing but nerve roots exit without contact or distortion. mild facet arthropathy at 4-5 and 5-1. the patient also has generalized left sided convex scoliosis. cervical spine: chronic degenerative changes 4-5,5-6 and 6-7 with foraminal narrowing. no central stenosis. no protrusion or herniation. my neck hurts bad and my left butt has electrcal shock feeling which goes down to my toes!!! please try to help me! i can not see dr for 4 more weeks! THANK YOU!!


Hi ya'll. jackiedisloved, we sound a lot alike but I have a lot of stenosis and foraminal narrowing and do have cervical radiculopathy but only one herniated disc others are protruding. I have been dealing with this since 2009. im gonna have a cervical epidural for my next option. You need some narcotics. You do. They will take the edge off. Can and are you taking regular doses of motrin, or other anti-infammatory. Call doctor and request some- I went through all the other treatments that are routine but they did not help so I am next to try epidural injections.


Hi Jackie, please keep us informed. I don't unnderstand half of what is on my MRI's when they do one either.
You look half as youung as me and I'm 50, so your still lookin Hawwwtttt


Don`t follow anything from doctor`s that are selling stuff on here!!! Its not what you are asking for. If you go to his website he will be selling BS stuff. This site if for people helping each other. I was going for the same test as you. I didn`t go yet. Is it real painful? I had a lumbar Fusion no more spine anything for me. Per surgery I could work not anymore. My surgery was in May. Now they want to see whats going on. I have a lumbar MRI the 17th and they want me to see the dr. on the 21. So I have something going on again. Best of luck to you. Melanie