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Started by gingy on 07/24/2010 12:56am

My husband under went PLIF.. they took the disc out in L4 and L5, replaced it with a cage, and packed it with his hip bone. After the surgery it seemed to help, however a year later things turned very bad. He has had nothing but nonstop pain. He has been living on major pain pills just to be able to get out of bed. Pain management , and 4 different Dr.s have no clue as to help. He suffers so and I feel that there is something out there that can rectify this situation. 10 years is a long time for some one to have to take pills to help him. I know he is in severe pain and I have no idea what to do!! Please help!
Thanks Gingy

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Hi gingy
Pain and nerves go hand in hand, so it would appear that a nerve(s) are being impinged. Often this is caused by natural aging which results in the discs losing more and more height which results in bones or discs etc coming into direct contact with nerves (impinging the nerves).

Does your husband get relief if he lays down on the floor with his legs resting on a chair or sofa or by any other similar action that places his spine in a traction or decompression or unloaded state? If he does get relief in this way then you should look into "ambulatory spinal unloading" and/or contact me directly at ghakonson@pneuvation.com and I will forward you information on our ambulatory spinal unloading device that was designed specifically for treatment of acute and chronic low back pain.