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There is Hope! I received good news today!

Started by lcg27526 on 08/13/2010 3:44pm

I wanted to update everyone who read my posting about my battle with pain from DDD and my hopelessness and frustration. I finally received some good news after my Discogram last friday and my appointment with my surgeon today. They can do fusion surgery on my back and I have a 70% chance of success. I also discovered that the pain, cramping, toe pulling of my toes in both feet is coming from the disc in my back and not from diabetic neuropathy. When the doctor was removing the needle from the bad disc during my discogram, he told me he was going to put in extra numbing meds since my pain was a 10+ at that point. When I went into the discogram, my toes were doing their regular thing; pulling up down and to the side, cramping and shooting pain in my toes. As soon as I got up after the discogram, I realized that I could no longer feel those things in my toes - they felt normal once again! Wow, what a blessing. I quickly realized that if those toe symptoms were coming from diabetic neuropathy, then the numbing meds in the disc would not help make them any better. But it did, wow, it did. I now have hope after a 10 year search which lead me through one door after the other in which just one more person said "Sorry, but we can't help you. We can't do anything that hasn't been done. Just try to manage your pain." Well, I just want to tell all of you out there who may be in the same boat, not to give up trying to find the doctor that will not give up on you and finding a better answer, an answer to relieving your pain. I now know that my L4-5 disc is causing the pain in my back as well as down my legs and into my feet. I realize that this surgery may not been 100 % successful, but I now have hope for a great deal of improvement. I am going to think positive and believe that this fusion surgery will be the answer I am looking for. After which, I can once again walk around the block without being in so much pain that I go to bed crying and screaming for 2 days. No More of that. I have prayed that God would show me the doctor who would help me and he did. I was referred to my surgeon by a very dear friend who works with 2 people he has operated on and the difference in them is amazing. They call him a miracle worker, very nice, does not miss anything because he takes his time and he cares enough about all his patients to make sure this is the correct answer. I am very thankful and blessed to have found him. So, do not give up hope. There are lots of things they can do to help you.

Also, thank you to all of you who responded to my 1st posting "Someone help me, I can take this pain". You managed to give me the boost I needed to get through another day and not give up before the miracle happened. In my book those people are called Angels. So thank you to all of you Angels out there. I just hope that at least 1 person reads this and feels some hope to not give up as I was also given hope to keep trying.

A believer in hope once again,


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Heya LCG I am so glad to see that you got great news about your back. I really do hope your surgery goes exactly how you want and pray for and you no longer have the pain you are going through. I too have DDD and herniated discs in L5-L4 and S1 that I am myself going in for either full disc replacement or at least MIS. Please keep us up to date about how it works out for you =)

Jeremy Werstler