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Stuck with Quebec Health Care System

Started by Rangdrol on 08/25/2010 9:55pm

I've been in Montreal for 3 years and unable to work with degenerative disk disease, including herniated disks at L4-L5, and L5-S1, including leaks, and herniated disks. I'm from Boston and had great treatment when I first got sick and then just got worse and ended up getting stuck in Montreal because I was too poor to move back to the US, not to mention I'd be sleeping outside since I tried to get into a shelter and none would have me cause iM too sick...

Also, the doctors here are really very unprofessional...I did finally find a primary care after two years but he laughs at me when I talk about my issues, and refuses to correspond with my therapist, sign papers, and when asked to send my files to my SSI person, the office sent not my doctor's notes, but files from his mother, who is also a doctor in the same clinic! Sad fact is that I can't even mention it to him cause he will get angry, again. This is the third time the women mess up my files...

So as I await to appeal my SSI case, I wonder if anyone can give me any tips on how to deal with the Montreal system. I went to Jewish General to get a file from the back specialist I saw, and I was told by secretary that there's no folder—meaning I never saw him. Of course I saw him and I even have the referral he gave me, to a pain clinic, and I just got an appt. after a 2-year wait! It's bad enough dealing with being sick and in pain and on morphine, Fentanyl etc., with severe constipation every day, but I have to deal with the most incompetent doctors I've ever seen.

I also have a 25 year history of coxa valga and hip dysplasia, but I'm not a surgical candidate, and am not a surgical candidate for my back either. Of course, I know that if I was in Boston there would definitely be something they would do for me, but not here. Unless you get hit by a truck or fall off a bridge or are dying of cancer, you have to wait years before they offer anything to you.

Does anyone know of any decent doctors in Montreal? I really want a new doctor because I can't keep going to see a doctor who laughs at me when I tell him I have libido problems, I mean, yeah I can see its funny, in a strange way, but he doesn't even address the issue...Kind thanks, and sorry for the moaning, but I assume if I can't moan in here, where can I? :)

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