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Pain shooting UP shins

Started by JuvaP on 09/06/2010 1:01pm

Hi Everybody,
I've been experiencing some very disturbing pains that are different than my normal sciatica. I have what feels like bone deep pains that shoot up both shins. Ordinarily, the sciaticapian is only on my left side. These pains can be random & show up on either shin. If I'm walking, I have to stop mid-step & take the weight off of that leg. It is red hot , feels like it's in the bone & excruciating. Luckily, it goes away within about a minute. It's been happening more frequently in the last few days, I used to experience it about twwice a month.
Has anybody else experienced this pain? Is it part of the sciatica, or possibly have something to do with the sciatic nerve?
Thanks in advance for any input.

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