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Started by zipper1 on 11/21/2010 10:47am

I am 58 yr old that had a cervicle fusion of C-3-4-5 in 2002 but 3 months after surgery someone ran a red light and hit me at 80 mph which caused my fusion to fail. I also have low back problems with several bulging discs and arthritis as well as fibromyalgia. I had finally found a doctor that would treat
my pain with a combo of drugs but two weeks ago he called and said he lost his license and could no longer treat me. I am now out of meds and can't find anyone to help me. I am at a point of desparation!
I don't want to enter a rehab because I need to the meds to function and hopefully in January this doc
will have his license back. (one of his patience sold the meds prescirbed to them not docs fault)

Does anyone have any suggestions or doctor in the Maryland area that can help me at least taper
down the meds I am taking. By tomorrow I will be unable to get out of bed. I am sure many of you
out there understand what I am going thru,

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Capital Spine and pain center in the DC area is great. Dr. Abraham Cherrick or Dr. Robinson or even one of the PAs. It does take a while to get in to see someone though.