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findings from MRI

Started by don brady on 12/28/2010 5:57pm

Mild congenital narrowing of the bony cervical canal. C2-C3: no significant disease.
C3-C4: Mild neural foraminal narrowing is present bilaterally, resulting from uncovertebral disc osteophyte complex. Minimal narrowing of the central canal is present, predominantly from congenital stenosis.
C4-C5: a central disc herniation is present with disc material extending caudad to the level of the mid C5 vertebral body. The spinal cord is flattened with loss of CSF space anterior and posterior to the cord. The degree of canal stenosis is severe. Moderate to severe narrowing of thr left neural foramina and mild narrowing of the right neural foramina results from uncovertebral disc osteophyte complex and congenital narrowing of the canal.
C5-C6: A broad-base disc osteophyte complex is present with flattening of the cord and loss of CSF apaces anterior and posterior to the cord.The central canal diameter measures 8mm. No sigal change is noted whitin the cord. Moderate-to-severe neural foraminal narrowing is present bilaterally,left greater than right. The degree of central canal stenosis is less than that noted resulting from the disc herniation at C4-C5,but still severe.
C6-C7: A small central bulge is present, contacting the anterior aspect of the cord, but not indenting.CSF spaces remain patent posterior to the cord. can you tell me what, this means

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