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bulging discs and several bone spurs in the cervical spine

Started by JEB45 on 01/18/2011 9:19pm

This is causing loss of my right arm, aftre having the MRI they have directed me to a surgeon, is there any other way than surgery????I have already been through the lumbar surgery and it was a failure, I would just like to get a decent nights sleep and get off of the drugs. its been over two years now and I have tried everythng heating pads, tens units (several different ones) I have decided I can live with the lumbar pain but this pain in my neck and right arm is killing me, even the meds aren't working, I had an epideral two days ago and it lasted for about two hours...aare there any home remedies out there I haven't tried, even physical therapy seems to be making it worse and all they want to do is increase my pain meds. Anyway thanks for letting me vent and I really appreciate everyones pain I know how you feel. And a special hats off to my family and friend for putting up with me I know my personality has changed greatly over the last two years( I am now known as the grumpy old bas_erd who can't keep up and i'm only 45.....thamks again all for letting me vent my thoughts are with all of u who suffer so much and still endure.

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