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Failed 3 Level Cervical Fusion...Pain increases from day 1

Started by Uncle Terry on 02/10/2011 11:54pm

About four years ago, I suddenly developed severe pain in my right arm. After going through the normal channels, I ended up with a neurosurgeon and a three level cervical fusion. The recovery time was to be about six weeks for a single level and a little longer if he had to do additional levels. After six months, I am informed the fusion didn't take........and referred to pain management, because of my constant complaint of a basketball size pain in the back of my neck. Pain Management has changed my status over the last so many years from Degenerative Disc Disease to Chronic Pain Patient. The pain has increased tremendously. I have problems riding in a vehicle, lying flat on my front or back, staying upright for any extended length of time, turning my head without sharp pains in my head. The pain I now experience is in both arms, hands, shoulders, shoulder blades, neck, and the headaches are non-stop. What I would like to know is, what he meant by "the fusion didn't take" and in theory, where does that leave me? Is there something missing that my neck needs to support itself? What is causing all this pain? Sometimes I can't swallow my medicine, what's up with that? As you can tell I'm new any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Uncle Terry

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