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Failed Back Surgery What is Next

Started by Sam227 on 02/28/2011 12:28pm

I had my fusion on L3-L4 July 22 2010. I am trying to go back to work now. I know I`m worse now then presurgery. I went to my surgeon and he said he did his job there must something else going on. He said it`s time for nerve blocks again. I have to go back to pain mangement again. That`s where I started. They said I could be helped with surgery. What do I do now? I don`t think I can work my back surgery failed. What did you guy`s do? I`m still on the same pain meds as presurgery. I need ideas please. Thank You for your thoughts, Sam

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I also have failed discectomy of the L4-L5 disc last November, I am now back on as many pain meds as I was 2 years ago only now I'm on very strong meds. I've tried chiro and accpuncture those didn't work. The only physcial therapy that I find even remotely helps is the aqua fitness classes I do twice a week. I now have a chronic case of sciatica that I didn't have before and major muscle temors/spasms and twitching of my legs. Dr that did my surgery said he wasn't happy with the results and wants to go in again. Everyone tells me not to do the 2nd surgery and frankly it didn't work the first time and made me feel worse I'm not going to do it.

I looked into that place North American Spine and found out the medical director has 19 malpractice lawsuits against them if you want to read what I found about them its posted in another area about Accura Scope. I know its not much help as far as giving you answers but your not alone in your struggles.


hey sam

i am in the same situation. doc replaced L4 disk & did spinal fusion L4 & L5. thinking about it, my L4 disk was gone & he said that the L5 disk was next. Why fuse to a disk that he knew was going. i was on medicaid & he knew i was fixing to lose my medicaid. all ortho docs have an ego bigger than any one I HAVE evier seen,
good luck ,, if you have insurance , go find a goood ortho or now they are saying neurosurgeons are starting to work more on lower back issues, such as failed back surgery. I hAte being in pain & not being able to do what i used to ., Its frustrating, I dont bend, cant paint my toe nails . My left hip has been giving me problems since they surgery but doc knowing i was losing insuance...didnt care. he has left practice now & MOVED,,, i wonder.
Have you thought about disability?
good luck & i feel your pain,


Wish I had answers for you... All I have myself is questions. I have had three major back surgeries...surgery # 1 & 2 were L-5 S-1, then L-4 for herniated disc. Third surgery was for bone spurs... (32 of those raschals). Have had numerous epidural inj. And have a Spinal Cord Stimulator (works good for me). Now take Pain meds every 6 hours on bad days. I have been told that I have a lot of scar tissue build up which now I have developed numbness in both of my thigh's & Pain in my three "middle toes" All this to ask does anyone have a suggestion where I go from here. Been told I originally needed fusion at L4,5 I had an old doctor (highly recommended) that butchered me up! So, moral of the story...don't let anyone operate on your back unless you have checked them out & you know as much about the surgical procedure as the surgeon themselves (joking...sort of). God Bless each of you as you look and research your next move, Champ82