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Posted in: Chronic pain.


Started by no diagnosis on 03/14/2011 6:53pm

I started having hip pain 3 years ago at the age of 31, ( I have never had kids and no family history) out of the blue, no reason what so ever. Saw my doctor, who did some manipulation allowing for some relief. A month later the pain returned but in my other hip and it was much worse. Went to the ER, they did xrays and found nothing. Followed up with my primary who reffered me to several other doctors all telling me the same thing, that there was nothing wrong with me. I tried massage, accupuncture, manipulations, nothing helped. I have had all of the imaging possible done and it all shows normal. I went to a surgeon who agreed to do exploratory laporoscopy and decided that my appendix needed to come out. Physcial therapy followed and the pain stayed. Was referred to an orthopedic surgeon who took an xray and once again told me there was nothing wrong. I went back to my primary and asked to see who ever was considered the best hip doctor in the state. Went and say him and he tok an xray and said something didnt look right and we proceeded with surgery. He determined that I had a torn ligament teres, that he debrided and cleaned up some damaged tissue, physical therapy again followed and the pain slowly returned. I went back to the surgeon and he felt that since the pain showed in both hips that I see a rheumatologist. Did everything that he asked of me took all the medications including chemo medications and nothing worked. He referred me back to the surgeon after a year asking for a biopsy. So my surgeon agreed and went into my right hip and found that my labrum was 60% torn and there was all sorts of damage to the cartilage and tissue. he repaired everything and shaved part of the bone to allow more spacing, again physical therapy followed. The pain returned like always. 6 months later he went into the left hip and found the same type of damage, although the labrum was completely gone, he did the same procedure and again physical therapy followed. This time just several weeks into it I started having back pain like something was out of place. I saw my doctor three times in a week and a half and each time I was out of alignment and was directed to stop physical therapy. I has more imaging done, this time it showed I had some arthritis and facet joints were bone on bone and was referred to a pain mangement doctor. I had the steroid injections, that did make the lower back pain go away, but it only lasted a couple of weeks. So were did the block testers and then had the radiofrequecny lesioning done on L3-L5. My lower back hurts now more than ever, mind you its has been 3 weeks and I am absolutely miserable. I am now going in to have a steroid injection to the sacroiliac joint done. I am hoping for the best, but I know it is a last ditch hope. My surgeon doesnt feel that there is anything else he can do, every test comes back negative and noone seems to have any ideas.
I was told for 6 months that i was to young to havehip problems and they took out my appendix. I did have hip problems and the 1st surgery only showed inner damage and a year later the labrum was all but gone. The surgeon has no idea of how or why this happened and when he went in the 2nd time he was confident that he would find nothing. Everytime I have been right, there has been something wrong. The cartiladge seems to be disappearing in my body and noone has any ideas. I am tired of taking pain medicine, but cant function at all with out it. I have lost my job, went back to school during the procedures to get a degree and now with a degree I am still unable to work because I cannot sit or stand for more than 30 mins and thats with the morphine. My short term memory is shot I left my carrunning at the mal for 3 hours and only realized it after I couldnt find my keys. I had to sell my mustang because it hurts too much to drive a manual transmission. I have given up so much and altered my life and still dont see any light at the end of the tunnel. My husband is very supportive but financially things are getting bad and I know he is getting frustrated.

This is my first time telling my story, does anyone have any advice or a similar situation and have found hope?
Thank you for your time.

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