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To much pain

Started by vwwhite on 04/14/2011 9:10am

To make a long story : I was hurt at work two year ago and just recently taken out of work do to the pain and damage I now have.

After being bounced around from doctor to doctor, I finely found one who gave me a straight answer and was very upset with the other Neurosurgeons I seen and would not help

My L4-L5 disc is totally collapsed, the one below that is not much better and is pinching the nerves to my right leg. This has caused some irreversible damage. Also the L3-L4 disc is bulging.
I live in Upstate New York so I’m at the mercy of the insurance companies to allow treatment In fact I was told yesterday that they have denied all request until I see their IME a month from now.

My first question is how can being compressed against my desk by a motor scooter while setting in my chair do this much damage?

Next: My Doctor said I need the two bottom disc fused and maybe the L3-L4. She will not know until she gets in there. Is this the right option for me?
I know I'm ready for sugary. The pain is so intense that the strong meds are not working that will. I'm still having brake though pain and when the meds start to wear off, about 3 1/2 hour to 4 hours the pain floods back so quick all I can do is lay on the floor, wrapped in a heating blanket with my feet on the chair and wait till the 4th hour rolls around to take more meds. (Not a cycle I ever want to find myself in).

Next: I’ve been on pain Meds for 2 years but the last year they have upped them to stronger and stronger ones to keep up with the intense pain. What are these meds doing to my body?

Also I’ve had an EMG of the right leg and have been there is extensive nerves damage. Is the damage going to get worst the longer it takes the insurance to allow treatment and surgery?

I have so many more questions but here is the most resent problem and it is really troubling me. When I lay down on my back or my left side my chest get very heavy, It well wake me up with pain and straggling for air. I have to take a couple of deep breaths and turn no my right side. It takes a minute or two for the heaviness to go way. But the pain though out my body is so intense I don’t want to move.

Why is this?
Should I be worries?

Does it have anything to do with the inflammation inside my body again?
The doctor did put me on steroids last month, which helped. I notice that my stomach went down within three days, now it's puff out again and hurts when I walk, rise my legs or even try to sit upright.

Is there any other way that I can get some relief while wait for the insurance company to allow the medical treatment I need? This constants pain is making it hard to go on.

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