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Running out of options

Started by 100000543151531... on 05/26/2011 9:30pm

I have been a long term Kaiser Permanente patient for 40 years, in most cases my medical care has been good. The permanente medical group is not looking out for my best interest in reguards to what I believe is chronic, non malignant pain neuropathic in nature. I am experiencing chronic pain without any obvious sign of injury.

Kaiser group does not recognize the complete definition of pain. Visible bodily injury is the only aspect of pain they are trained or qualified to treat. outside pain specialist seem to agree that pain falls into a grey area between physician and psychiatry. Acute mental, emotional distress or suffering is not part of kaisers vocabulary.

Is it possible to volunteer for studies or for Alpha 2- adrenic, agonist subtype to advance medications in this area? I believe that I have chronic pain in connection with mechanical and thermal stimulation of A- delta and C- polymodal pain recepters, heat and electrical nerve transfer and degenerative state of the nervous system. My personal experience is that binding the opiate receptors thru pain medication alleviates the symptoms. Are there any specialist or patients with similar symptoms that can provide some input?



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