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Pain in back

Started by barry8126 on 06/17/2011 10:37am

I have just been informed that I have Osterperosis as my back is no longer straight as it used to be this has been caused by severe malnutrition caused by a simple surgical procedure for a Hiatus Hernia which went wrong, The Consultant Surgeon told us he has made a mistake and does not know what to do apart from telling everyone not to peform any surgery again, we found out why, this has been going on since december 2002 and I have lost half my body weight, I had to see another surgeon who by the grace of god had managed to put things back althouth I have been left with quiet a few issues which is not her fault, but the other surgeon. anyway After nearly 9 years I can now eat proper food before I couldn't . so thank god for small mercies, sorry I think I have spelt that wrong. At present I have beeen informed I have 5 wedge fractures in my spine which scares me no end, I am afraid I don't want anymore surgery as after having 9 procedures carried out on my stomach and bowel I don't fancy going through this again, I try and stretch my back in the hope it will straighten itself but nothing has happened yet,4 weeks ago I had an injection 3000 ml of Vit D which hurt , I am now getting pains in my joints Right hand lifting a kettle is extremley painful I am scared that they will suggest to operate again , this I don't want. is there any alternative treatment which will help my back straighten out , stop the pain and also why do my joints in my right hand hurt so much?.sorry for going on so much all I want is my back to be straight and pain free, at the moment I look like quasimodo each time I see myself in the mirror i get upset, I am a War Veteran having served in the RAF so when you consider what I used to do then and what I can do now its very bad, I need help in everyway I can't sleep because of the pain and also secondary issues relating to the 1st surgeon mess as he admits I think I have made a mistake, not the sort of thing you want to hear from a speacialist surgeon is it.. Thankyou for taking the time in reading this I do hope some one out there can suggest something which will help me and have a better quality of life , at present I don't my daughter who is 11 cant remember anything I used to do because of being in hospital all the time, my wife is stressed out and my son can't stand it anymore,which is not surprising, All I have is constant pain I lost my job because of this and I wan't to work.the problem is who will employ a wounded ex serviceman who has served his country for 12 years and has done 6 years reserve total service 18 years for the Queen only to be treated like a lump of I cant say it as it is rude. but this is where I am now in pain out of work and I am willing to do anything I don't care what it is.

To every one out there thank you for reading this if any one has any idea's which will make things easier I would appreciate it very much.


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Sorr about this I forgot to mention which relates to my previous discussion I have 5 wedge fractures what does that mean and is it dangerouse ?