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Too Much Full Body Pain

Started by readytojump on 07/10/2011 6:23pm


I have had a series of Facet Nerve Rhizotomy/Radiofrequency Ablations, and a L4-L5-S1 disc fusion with porcine cells Xenotransplantation. I have had an endoscopic Ethmoid sinus surgery also. Before the surgeries I have had a cerebrospinal fluid leak out my nose for the longest time. I know it is spinal fluid coming from my nose because I tested the glucose levels of the leak with glucose strips, and it turned out to be mostly sugar. I have had problems with yeast and scar tissue from an appendix explosion, and I also got a false positive test for TB where the xrays showed scars on my lungs. I am in severe pain and have all the symptoms of meningitis except for a costant fever, yet I take 1600mg of ibuprofen a day for pain and Aleve/Tremadol which is also a fever reducer. I have a light thrush symptom on my tongue that never goes away, and even after several antibiotic and anti-fungal treatments, most fungal and bacterial infections will return quickly after. I have no health insurance and don't know where to go except the emergency room for a spinal tap to test for meningitis. Is there any other way to test for most types of meningitis without going to ER? I have all the symptoms of meningitis but the headaches are only really bad when the fluid doesn't drain from my nose on a daily basis. Both C2 and C3 in my neck have mild desiccation and I have to crack my neck upside down to relieve pressure from stiffness, and that is when the spine fluid squirts out in a clear stream. Does any of this have to do with the viral infection issues from the pig bone insert I received in my spinal fusion. Also, there was some epidural bleeding complications of the spine during the fusion.



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I'm used to no response.


DONT JUMP !!! I hope since u last posted this, u did bring urself back to the ER. They cant deny u service. And if u have all that goin on it needs to b addressed, u must b in excrustiaing pain. Good Luck,.RENE :)


But I want to jump. I am a gymnastic trainee for the Olympics. Thanks anyway though. ;}