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large hurnination of c6-c7

Started by copeing on 01/13/2012 1:48am

i have been through all the options and steps to take trying to avoid surgery but i learned tonite this is now my only option. knowing what the surgeon has told me and watching the procedure on line i am terrified. so many things can go wrong even post op. i need to talk to others who have had this done and the aftermath,does anyone fair well or are there even more fears. already they tell me 4-6 wks recovery, wearing a ridgid neck brace. cant get point of entry wet so cant bathe like one would like to. every day will be a challange. just to try to fuction ,be normal as if it hasnt already been very difficult dealing with the pain. ive delt with months of this and i cant deal with living on the pain meds anymore either. what if this fails? am i better off living with what i deal with now or risk an outcome that can be worse even more debilitating. any one with any imput would be great. me and my pain that is all i have known and no one who doesnt know does not or cant understand.

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Hi, I know what you are dealing with. I haven't had the surgery yet but I also have a herniation at C-6/C-7 with a large bone spur. What meds are you on? I now take Gabapentin. It relieves some of the zinging. I have been through PT, traction and started aqua therapy. I have a lot of pain down my left arm/shoulder/chest and lose use of my fingers. I have dealt with this for a year.

From what the different doctors have told me, it depends on the doctor, your age, health as to side effects. Have you gotten 2nd and/or 3rd opinions?