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Posted in: Chronic pain, and Scoliosis.


Started by Rita layden on 04/12/2012 11:59pm

Hi my name is Rita and Im form canada. Just stumbled upon this site and i was so excited to find other poeple who are suffering the same back condition as i am. I was diagnosed with this in my early teens and now im fifty and i have never had surgery or worn a back brace. I suffer alot of pain especially the last couple of years seems the pain is progressing. I am taking medication to help ease the pain. Looking forward to sharing my stories with you and hearing from anyone who would like to discuss this further with me. thanks.

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I have lived with back pain all of my 35 years. I was born with scoliosis(curvature), rod implanted (T4-L2) when I was 15 yr old to stop my spine from curving, Arthritis in left HIP at 20 and same in right HIP at 25. Now rod is broken in 2(not 1 whole piece). I have begun to meet with a neurosurgeon who works with my primary physician and pain specialist. The neurosurgeon told me thursday that I now have DDD(bones under L2 end of rod) are deteriorating and causing more pain. I already have levoscoliosis, kyphosis and stenosis. I have just realized that the Lord made me this way at Birth for my purpose in life to share with others and learn from others. My pain specialist has given me a muscle relaxer and Tylenol codeine to take when the pain is so bad but I do not like taking pain pills if it will impair my ability to go about my day. I have a pain patch that I wear in place of oral meds but most days it does not provide the usual relief. My neurosurgeon suggested I started an injection to help the DDD pain I have. I informed my doctor that I am against being awake for these because of the sensitivity I have about my back. He told me that I will be sedated.
Always remember that back problems are different for everyone.


I'm a spine surgery PA that treats scoliosis and degenerative spine patients and wanted to let you all know about two organizations that might be helpful.

1.www.SRS.org - Scoliosis Research Society. You can find scoliosis clinicians in your area throughout the world.
2.www.scoliosis-assoc.org/ - Scoliosis Association, Inc. Find support groups in your area throughout the U.S.

I run a monthly support group in Plano, TX for patients, caregivers, family members, and anyone else who is interested in scoliosis. There are actually quite a few resources out there for information and different types of alternative and traditional medical care.

Hope this helps!