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xcoliosis and curved neck bones

Started by taina66 on 09/01/2012 1:33am

Last year my 26 y/o daughter was found to have a backwards curve in her neck as well as scoliosis. She is a CNA and tonight was the worst ever pain she has felt...when her neck pain flares up her shoulders hurt as well as her arms and she cannot turn her head at all. After seeing her x-rays last year, I have been in fear that she may become paralyzed...the curvature that is backwards is very prominent...she has had nerve block injections and they only help temporarily as well as the pain meds she is given...her visit tonight to the ER the Dr suggested she stop doing her CNA job and to see a specialist. My question is does anyone know of a spine/cervical speciality clinic where she can get seen at and possibly correct her backward neck? Has anyone out there ever heard of this condition or know someone who has it...does it have a name since her PCP who is a PA found that my daughter has the curved spine and backward neck...she isnt a specialist and only recommended PT and the cortisone shots. She is in alot of pain and has young children not to mention I am extremely concerned over this...it is such an unusual case...my daughter always has neck pain as a child but when I took her to an orthopedic specialist at age 12 he said she had the hump...and that all it had was fatty tissue...come to find out her neck curve is backwards. I would appreciate any suggestions and/or info. Thank you to all who read this.

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