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What does this mean ?

Started by BlessedLady on 12/08/2012 2:27pm

I started seeing a new PCP a few month ago. It has been 5 yrs since my last MRI and since this new doc doesn't seem to think I'm in much pain, I asked about having another MRI done. He said "Your MRI is fine."
I have 2 EMG's that state I have nerve damage in my upper and lower extremeties. I've also been diagnoised with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I'm female and 59 yrs old. Before I say anything more to this doc, I would like to know what the MRI results mean. If someone here could Please help me with that I would very much Appreciate it. Thank You.

Sagittal and axial T1 and T2 weighed images of lumbar spine were obtained. Contrast media was not administered. Comparison is made to the previous examination of 2004.

FINDINGS: No adnormalities identified at T9-10 or T10-11 levels.

There is new T2 hyperintense signal in the anterior aspect of the T11-T12 disc with reactive endplate marrow changes. This signal abnormality is nonspecific but more likely degenerative in nature than related too infection.

There is decreased height of the T12-L1 disc with desiccation and grade 1 retrolisthesis. Subtle hyperintense signal within the intervertebral disc is siiliar to that noted on previous exaination and thought to be degenerative in nature. Reactive marrow changes are again seen although changing in signal intensitity when compared to previous study.

At L1-L2 there is decreased disc height with grade 1 retrolisthesis. Degenerative changes at this level have increased when compared to previous study.

At L4-5 level, small left posterolateral disc protrusion is identified as before without central canal stenosis. Left neural foramen is mildly narrowed.

At L5-S1 level, there is bilateral facet hypertrophy, left greater than right with anterolisthesis along the unroofing of the posterior aspect of the L5-S1 disc. The left neural foramen is severely narrowed. The right neural foramen does not apprear significantly narrowed. No central canal stenosis is seen.

There is curvature of the lumbar spine convex to left side with apex at the L1-2 levels.

The distal visualized spinal cord is within normal limits in apprearance.

1) Degenerative changes of lumbar spine and lower thoracic spine as above discussed. No significant central canal stenosis is identified at any level. There is severe left L5-S1 and mild left L4-5 foraminal narrowing.
2) Progression of degenerative findings at L1-2 level is noted and degenerative findings at T12-L1 can again be seen.
3) T2 hyperintense signal within the anterior aspect of the T11-12 disc is new from previous examinations although likely this is degenerative in nature if there are no clinical findings to suggest a infectious process.
4) There is curvature of the lumbar spine convex to left side with apex at L1-2 level as before

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It has been 5 yrs since this MRI. Now I'm only able to stand the pain for app. 10 mins 4 times a day....the rest of the time I'm in bed....and it's been this way for over 1 yr. I fall frequently due to the pain. I've just about given up on getting anyone to listen.
Can someone please help me understand.



hi blessedlady you need to go to someone who specializes in that area, get on the net and look for a ortho surgeon. My pcp is a very good dr. but he doesnt no much about the spine like a spine speclist does. when you find one look and see what his patients say about him if its good. then give him a call. make a apointment see what he says. I bet the first thing is we need a new mri. anyway. its never to late to get help. thats what I did . I went in and he looked at a old mri. he said we need a new one so i went got one my back was broke and my lumbar was all bad he fixed my back and fused my lumbar together I have 8 screws and 2 rods all steel. I went to rehab center lived there for a month. About a year and a half ago. my back is healed but my muscles are still healing..Im not on vicoden any more. anyway thats how I picked out a surgeon. this guy does only the spine. and is very good at his practice. dont no where your from but michigan has very good drs for the spine here. good luck.