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I need your help!

Started by pc42205 on 12/23/2012 7:36pm

I have dics C 2-3 & C 3-4 herniated. And I've been diagnosed with spasmodic torticollis and fibromygia. I was hurt at work lifting a 280 lb. man, 13 years ago. and I have been on various narcotics & other drugs since. As well as I have had a spinal neuro-stimulator implanted ( it didn't work), cortisteriods injections & great amounts through spine ( can't remember what it's called), CF( they killed my nerves in my neck), botox injections, etc. I have been through biofeedback, physical therapy, chiropractors, many pain clinics. The neurologists & doctors, don't know what else to do. My meds are no longer working, my body is deteriorating & each year it is getting worse. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go from here?

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pc, I'm so sorry to hear what's happening to you. I'm not a doctor, just a patient like you. There are so many of us in the same boat. Just trying to get from one day to the next.
There are a lot of knowledgeable people here. Hang in there, if nothing else, you'll soon realize you're not alone. Something, somehow, must change with how our pain is managed. (Or not managed, as the case may be.)
I'll be looking for your posts on this site.
Janet. :)

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Welcome pc,,I too have Fibro, along w other spinal issues and surgeries done,,we can all understand your pain,,,related with the spine,, the fibro just adds to it (pain). and yes it sucks.As far as the meds, are they changing them every so often, the body gets use to some so u have to change them a bit now and then.. So far the only thing at this time (tryed them all) that helping me is the cymbalta for the fibro. Dont ever say or think to give up as far as docs,,thats there way of copping out on trying harder..It never hurts to try new docs,,even if it takes 100 consults w different ones to find the right Doc thats going to help you. AS far as my spine and everyone elses here, we all get worse as time goes by, but god bless the ones that do get better.. Do you go to psychotherapy? most of the psychiatrist treat the fibromyalgia alot better than the neurologist since its a neuro related disease,,plus it helps to keep you in a good frame of mind,,a little therapy never hurts,,usually once you start pain management, they encourage u to see a psychologist also,they scribe different meds along w pain management. U said u got hurt lifting a man, were u in medical field. Im a nurse, I had a 465lb patient fall on me and crush my spine. From the trauma is when they later diagnost me w fibro, they say its a virus that lays dormant in the body and exposes upon trauma .I dont know to much about your diagnosis, i am an orthopedic nurse,,what exactly is it and what are the effects and results of your issues?..Mine is disintergrating from the DDD, and alot of genetic issues they say were caused while I was in utero in my mother (im 45yrs old), they say due to lack of oxygen getting to my spine as it was being formed..I have 2 older brothers w cerebral palsey,,I dont have it,,never had a physical issue till the accident. Keep us informed,,Everyone here is very nice and helpful and full of information from their experiences,,we all also make great listeners if your just havin a bad day. We all help eachother keep positive on those blue days..Nice to meet you. Dont give up on the site, you will find in time it to be very helpful and comforting that you have friends who understand. Rene :)