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neck disc issue along with midbackand frond ribs

Started by roseturk on 01/04/2013 7:24pm

I have a herniated neck disc problem. but my pain at ribs is the worst. I wonder any of you have the ribs pain relation of neck problem. I want to go for surgery if my rib pains comes from the neck issue. midback and ribs. also my physician says maybe it is fibromyalgia which i don't know much about it. if you have fibromyalgia and pain at ribs mid back area or neck along with ribs mid back please let me know about your symptoms.

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I had all the same symptoms as you, with the addition of shooting pain down my arm. I had a C.6,7 fusion in September and I was pain free for about 10 days. But everything is back now. So I might end up needing more discs removed.


Sorry to hear that your pains are back. did you have front ribs pain along with your shoulder and arm pains. this is very important for me please respond back to me. if you have these types of pains after surgery how do you feel about your shoulders and ribs.

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My symptoms before my C-spine fusion.
Pain between my shoulder-blades, thoracic pain, shoulder pain, left arm pain, and pain that wrapped around my rib cage on my right and felt like I was being stabbed in my ribs with a knife. ( Front right side under breast.)
The first 10 days after the fusion I felt great. But then the more I used my arms, or held my head forward, even just for 5 minutes or so, the pain was back. Gradually (I'm a little over 3 mos post op), the pain is getting worse, because it doesn't take as much for those trigger points, (the stinging or burning knots in my upper back), and the rib pain that always follows to come back.
I just had a myelogram CT but won't know the results 'till Feb. (When I see my surgeon.)
I will then DEMAND that the thoracic pain be addressed also.

P.S. I can't remember if I told you, but I had L4,5 & L5,S1 fused in 2007. So I have issues with that pain along with sciatica. But the symptoms I mentioned above are, at times, way worse. I will let you know what the surgeon says in Feb.
Keep me posted on how you're doing. I was feeling like I was alone with these symptoms.
Janet :)


Roseturk, I'm still here, hanging on until Feb. 4th when I see the surgeon again.
How are you doing?


I havent decided for surgery. I saw chiropractor in December. he relieved some of my pain. He used activator which is very small equipment llike a pen and he said it will help to correct vertabre. pain at my ribs very dicomforting along with midback and shoulder. I saw another surgen and he did not recomend the surgery. I am lost. one out of four doct say he will do surgery rest did not recoment. But I am still thinking to go for surgery I don't want to live with these pain.


I hear you. I'm in the same mind set.
I went for a walk today, not far, about 5 minutes (I have to look down when I walk, especially when I'm walking on loose gavel), and that was all it took to start that burn in my mid-back and around my ribs. It really is getting worse quicker than I thought possible. I hope the surgeon has some answers... something... anything that'll shine some light on where I'm going with this.
I do know that my pain meds don't cover me taking a 5 minute walk, or even sitting at the table eating a meal. The things I CAN do are fewer and fewer. I'm taking more meds now than I did before this fusion...it pretty much sucks. Still, I'll keep on keeping on.
Is there a back brace for the thoracic spine? I sure feel like it would help. It couldn't hurt at this point!
I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling better and really don't have much to go on. I understand how you feel. :(
Keep in touch, I was beginning to think I was the only one out here suffering with this. Take care,
Janet. :)


Sorry to hear your pain get worse after the surgery. I see that surgery is not a definite solution for spinal issues. My friend had same c5-6 fusion and she feel the same according to her midback pain got worse after surgery. I decided to wait for surgery desicion. I hope researchers will find to relieve this pains without medication. I hate taking them.


Thought I'd give you an update regarding the inter-scapular and front rib pain. I just got the results from my thoracic MRI. I have 5 herniated thoracic discs, the worst being at T5,6. Now that I know for sure what's causing the shoulder/rib pain I'm able to research this in depth. If you haven't had a thoracic MRI done yet, INSIST on getting one. I know my condition is rare, but it doesn't mean it can't happen. I don't know what my options are at the moment as I haven't seen my surgeon who ordered the test. I do know the pain is getting worse very quickly. I'm at the point where just about any arm movement causes the burning and stabbing in my ribs... How are you doing?

Multi-level thoracic disc herniation's.
Multi-level thoracic sponylosis.