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help , can not get any sleep !!!

Started by ishiron on 02/03/2013 5:02pm

hello to everyone , my name is Ishi, my wife Elinor have gone through a discectomy Laminectomy , almost 3 years a go , the pressure on the nerves went off , still she has part of her leg numb. the issue is that she has horrible pains during sleep time, almost every night she screams in pain , get little sleep if at all.
we have gone to the best doctors , surge , and tried almost every alternative system of treatment , but nothing help , the doctors say the only thing might help her is doing FIXATION SURGERY , but form what we have read , most people would suggest not to do this unless you have a neural damage.
I have read a post form a girl name breadgirl , and a guy name Robert Miller , describing the same pains , but I did not see any response to them, can anyone help here ???
it would be real grate to read if anyone on the same situation can give some good advise



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hello if I were her I would find a ortho surgeon and have a mrI done. if shes in that much pain. get a fusion. exercise and the shots didnt do me any good either.


that is the problem with surgery , when you start with one, then you have to do another one and another one. and she is very small , so she takes things in not an easy way. we are very afraid of other surgery
you know , the doc did the first surgery told us it is nothing, small surgery and she is like new, she would not be any pains , and was not out of pain for even one day since the surgery. so we would do all that we can to prevent form doing the fusion. and BTW because the pains are mainly on night , it gives us hope that there should be some kind of way to prevent those pains = pressure on the nerve , it would be a all different story if she would have suffered pains all day.
thanks any way


hi again I was wondering does your wife bend over alot or carry things around. ? maybe if she doesnt want more surgery she should see a pain dr. for meds.


hi ,
my wife carry nothing any more , she really take care of herself . we have seen a pain doc
and he suggested to start with taking 2 * 3 a day PARACETAMOL , saying this is the less arming anti pain medication , and then if dose not help, to continue with stronger stuff.
my wife did try Lirica and Arcocsia .
but taking medication on regular basis of every day, can damage the leaver , and it is something she wants to avoid.


Ishi, I was just thinking if she can sleep in a chair of some kind. Maybe that would help. When a Surgeon tells any of us we need surgery with or without Our spines would be in worse shape 2 years later. When you hear all of us saying surgery didn`t help us, like I did. Atleast I tried to get better and I can sit in a chair now.The people that are better aren`t online. Sam PS I was way past worring about my liver on the meds. I was pucking sick from pain. I hope that never happens to anyone.


hello ishi I have been using pain meds for 20 years now if you don't abuse them drink lots of water and do some walking thats what helps me. I also use the sleep aid ambein I have 10mg dose but I break them in half and that works for me . Maybe the drug cymbalta might help or nuerontin might help I have been in pain lowback and leg for 30 years so you have to keep looking for that drug or treatment that helps relieves some of the pain.Good luck