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screws pushing their way up through my back

Started by sherrydh1 on 05/06/2013 5:58pm

i have had 3 major back surgeries. the first one was in 08/1999. i am getting ahead of my self. i was a commercial tri-state truck driver, hauling ceramic tile. i loaded and unloaded my own truck. i loved my job, the freedom, no one over my shoulders, just me and my truck. i started this job in 04/1998, and on my 1st day of vacation, 04/1999, i was in a lounge chair, which was defective, and i was on and off of the chair, between 4-5 times(yard sale). the last time i got back on the chair, book in hand (was reading in between sales)when suddenly the bar closes to my shoulders, fold up underneath me, and all my weght land on the bar, and hit me at L4-L5. i was immediately in extreme pain, and i could not move. i mangaed to roll on my stomach and crawl to the vehicle, and was able to get in the passenger seat, and that was all of the movement that i had, and i was in extreme pain. my boyfriend was out looking for auto parts, and i could not get any help, until he came back to where the car was parked. for those of you who do not know about this hugh yard sale, and auto parts, to restore old cars/trucks. it is in Carlisle Pa. and it is spread over 8,000 acres. while my boyfriend shopped, i sold products, that we took to carlisle, to sell. when my boyfriend returned, he knew i was injured pretty bad, and he wanted to take me to the hospital, but i did not want to wind up staying in the harrisburg,pa., hospital. so my boyfriend got me back to MD, and then i went to the hospital, and i was given meds,injections, for the pain, and then they release me, to my home, with nurses and aides, that came to my house 3-4 xwk, for about 6wks. i went to my primary dr., and i was sent for theraphy, traction, hot and cold packes 3xwk. by aug., 1999, i was not able to walk. i was admitted to Frankin sq hospital, for surgery, on my lumbar region. during this surgery, the dr put hdwe(nuts,bolt,screws,cages,etc.) and also did a lumbar fusion and a bone graft, because, by aug., the disc had rutptured and one side of the vertebrae was about 3/4" and the other side had rub together, to cause the vertebrae to come to a point,on the other side. the dr., had to build up the vertebrae, that had rub away. i was released from the hospital 2 days, after the 1st back fusion. i was doing pretty good, at home, until nov., 2001, and i needed to have another back surgery,(2nd) due to the fact that one of the bolt heads had sheared off, and was floating in my back. so a different surgeon had to open up my back, to remove the bolt head, that had sheared off. when the dr., opened my back, there was massive bone buildup, so he had to chip away all of the bone build up, and then he removed all the screws, from L2-L5, but he could not remove the bolt at L1, because this is where the bolt head had sheared off. the dr., also put new hdwe, from L2-L5, and he also put in rods and cages around my lumbar region, for added support, and then he re-fused the Lumbar area. the dr told me, "sharon, no matter what, do not ever let any dr., remove this new hdwe or your back will crumble", because he had to use bigger screws, then the old ones, so that left a much smaller amount of the vertebraes. then i seemed to be doing good until nov-dec 2004, when i was losing my mobility, due to severly pinched saiatic nerve, so they tried to correct the problem with shots in my back, which did not help at all, and, so it was decided that i needed another (#3)back surgery. the surgery was done in mar, 2005, and th dr that did this surgery, put hdwe throughtout my entire back, and he also did a total fusion, through my entire neck and back, all the way to my tailbone. i was told that i would never be able to bend over or carry any kind of weight, for the rest of my life, and i live alone, so it was not easy. i was told everthing was fine (this was mar 2005) then in april 2006, i was deemed totally, completely and permanently disabled. i have had three morphine pumps into my body, and all 3 malfunction, so that was a total of six surgeries, due to failed pumps. after all the problems with the morphine pumps, they decided to insert an electrical stimulator into a pocket, which was made in my left butt cheek, and then a cather went from the stimulator, and attached to my spinal cord. this was suppose to keep my brain from thinking that there was no pain. after this surgery, the pocket which they implanted in my butt cheek, had develped an infection, which traveled from the unit, up the cather, into my brain. i had gotten an extreme headache and it felt like my head was going to explode. i was talking to my boyfriend, about the headache, and told him that i had to call 911, while still talking, i said, i'm not going to call 911 for a stupid headache" continued talking and said, i have to call 911. i do not remember anything after that. i don't even remember calling 911, but i must have, because i was told that the ambo came to my home, and my dog was in his cage, my door was unlocked and opened, and i was found, unconsiuos on the floor. they said that i was taken to the hospital, where the dr caalled my mom and told her, "you must get to the hospital, because your daughter is not expected to survive. i was in ICU, form nov25-dec7th, where they shaved my head and put a drain in my brain, to try to release the pressure on my brain. while being in ICU, i also had a heart attack and a stroke. my next memory, after saying that i was going to call 911, i don't remember anything from that point, up until i woke up, in a bed by the window, with a lady in a bed by the door. now, the screw at T11, is pushing it's way up through the skin on my back, and at T10, the screw is just laying in the grove,nothing holging it in and also at T9, that screw is only 1/2 covered by the bone graft. i again have to have more surgery, to remove the bolt, before it breaks through the skin on my back. i am not sure yet, what is going to happen, as i cannot get an appt with the neurologist, on may 30th 2013. well, this is my story. can anyone tell me if they have expereinced anything like what i have describe? will i be paralized, after anoter surgery? is my body strong enough to go through another back surgery(i am 5'1 and 101lbs)or will i die? if anyone can tell me anything, please do, i need all the help,prayers,turning it over to the Good Lord, i am a practicing christian, and my Pastor and My Church Family all are keeping me in there prayers. if you can't think of anyone who has been through all of this, and came out, heeled, and not praralized, please leave me a message, and please keep me in your prayers, and please start a prayer circle for me. thank you and God Bless each and every one of you.
Sincerely Sharon

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very sorry to read your story.
i'm not sure what to say.
i've only had a L4 stableization to the L5 fusion to the pelvis.
fusion failed.
but the hardware is keeping me together,
i have pain all the time.
not as it ounce was.
but enough to drive me crazy.
i know if you have more then one surgery you are at more risks of infection and scare tissue.
scare tissue can cause problems of a new.
i'll be praying for you..
if you need to talk i'll be here,