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Spondylolisthesis vet that is struggling with the pain levels

Started by 100000360145297... on 06/26/2013 6:26am

So to start I'm not her for sympathy. I work really hard so that I don't appear as bad as I really am. With that said here's my story...
I was born missing a bone on all of my vertebra that holds it n place. When I was carrying my daughter the weight difference (107lbs before prego, 161 at delivery date) pulled L4 - S1 over 82% off the canal. I was 19 when I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis grade 3. Well I did my research n all but it took 2 years to get to the right surgeon, he was a world renowned surgeon. By the time that time I had already went from stage 3 to stage 5, 100% nerve compression to my lower extremities. So surgery was my only option. My surgeon did great. 9 hours under the knife over 10 pints of blood n a lot if bone restructure. Since I had been 2 years with the slippage they were unable to realign my spine. So next best thing shave the inner vertebra to give room to my nerves. And 1 of my Bertrand was chipped away from years of stress to bone was taken outta my hip to flatten the vertebra out. Then fusion and then rods n screws were placed. Got me walking again...slowly n might i add horribly painfully but it helped lower my pain levels from a 8-9 to a 2-3. Recovery was hard. 7 daub n the hospital. Yuck I hated every sec. But when I got home I had what they call "nerve rebirth", that is hard. Basically your nerves have to relearn all the differ sensations and how to react to each one again. And like all student they get frustrated, only their frustrations end up with 2x norm size swelling and as red as a rip tomato, n extreme heat like pain, such extreme sensation overload that a fan breeze felt like knifes being pulled across the foot. alit if ice buckets later n the episodes decreased, now they only occur on 102 day or hotter. i also learned to sleep with my feet outta the covers and year round i have a fan pointed at them. i quickly learned frozen feet hurt less. I also learned the hard way that when the muscles r cut for that long if a period they lose memory. :(. I lost all memory I had to learn how to sit walk stand all over again. There r still thing to this day that I'm finding I have to learn again.
But like all good things they never last forever. 5 years later I was back at the surgeons office. Because I was young my body rejected the equipment and started to push the rods and screws out by itself. That caused its own pain but I also had an infection interiorly from the screws rubbing on my inner skin. Do second surgery went well just took out the equipment. That recovery was cake walk compared to my first surgery. But that was the good news. Bad news the surgeon put me in perm disability, n informed me that my pain would only get worse over the years and eventually wheelchair. Plus he warned me that there was no further surgeries to help my condition. the less i push the linger i have if walking. n with a kid u need to keep walking. I'm a single mom since my first surgery, cause my ex attacked me n anger 3 days home from my first surgery. Divorce/custody fight was horrible, he used my mess against me n all, plus I could barley walk let alone b n court for hours at a time. But I'm getting off course. resurfaced its ugly head after that news was dropped on me. But as always I learned to accept my life as is.
Currently I have help, my godsend fiancé. But I'm always fearful he will be overwhelmed n leave when thing get bad. But I just received news that my increase in pain level has a cause. It showed up on my new MRI. :(. I had gotten so used to hearing that my X-rays had been stable I was not prepared to hear the bad news. Hence the community. I was trying to find a back brace to help aid my movement while up when I ran across this pain community. I thought it was a great thing. It reminded me if a sponsor kinda thing. People that need other stores to help them while gathering info pre surgery n people wanted emotional support post surgery from those who have been and seen it all too. Don't get me wrong I love my fiancé bit he doesn't understand my struggles. He tries but unless u have lived it its hard to explain. I also have my family( mainly my mom, who has had over 6 cervical surgeries herself). But she has even told me that I need others like me, young people that have the severity I do, to relate to. She had surgery of the spine yes but she only had disc prob. I had disc, nerve, bone u name it I likely had it problems. N being a grade 5 outta 5 is hard. But like I always say strength is n numbers so the more help/support u have the better. Emotional depression is a huge prob when coping with pain. Learned that the hard way too. So if u ever need a friend or wanna b one to me please write. I can help when I'm able info wise n support emotions or I can help with sharing my experiences to help inform you better. Thanks n good luck to everyone!!! We all need a little luck!

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